OXM UK: Arkham City - Hands-On with Catwoman

OXM UK writes: "The first mental break comes when Batman drops off the rooftop and the camera doesn't follow him. Up to this point, it looks like predictable sequel fodder, albeit with the meticulous attention to detail you'd expect from Rocksteady: the segregated criminals-only sector of Arkham City a sprawling mass of decomposing masonry, tattered posters and flickering neon, with the original Arkham Asylum island tiny and deserted in the background."

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TheBossMan2743d ago

I felt ashamed at my thought process whilst watching the Catwoman trailer. It was roughly as follows:

--- Ass
--- Titties
--- Good graphics
--- Ass
--- Ass
--- I wonder how open-world this is going to be
--- Ass
--- This game better be longer than 12 hours
--- Ass
--- I love this camera angle of her ass
--- Why the fuck am I ogling some pixels?

Then I looked at my avatar and realized I've subconsciously learned to embrace it.