Forza 4 - E3 2011 6 Off Screen Gameplay Videos

Check out some Forza 4 gameplay videos from E3 2011

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hennessey862751d ago

for this game, it finally looks as good as the gt series and the wheel support is finally better. Roll on playing this with my fanatec gt2

mcstorm2751d ago

Cant wait for this game looks amazing.

green2751d ago

My most anticipated release of the year.

hennessey862751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

who says this game isn't better looking than gt5 is a blind fanboy, everything from the cars to the backgrounds is stunning. i can't wait. oh and to anyone who thinks im a fanboy read my blog on gt5, im level 32 and counting i love gt5 but this looks amazing.

talltony2751d ago

"anyone who says this game isn't better looking than gt5 is a blind fanboy"

really? I guess opinions make me a fanboy.

Pyscho_Mantis2751d ago

lmao the car clearly looks less stunning just look at the gameplay and compare it to GT5....its obvious that GT5 wins. I love how forza fanboys always look at the environments in a racing game where the true gem is the car and that is where GT5 shines and Forza falls.

SixShotCop2751d ago

You must be talking about the 200 permium cars in GT5 because the other 800 look a little better then what they offered in GT4. Anyway, let's wait and see what the cars in Forza 4 look like on an HDTV at 1080p before comparing a youtube video (off-screen) with a released game. Let's not even mention the time in development, okay?

GodGinrai2749d ago

@phyco mantis

really? as somebody that owns both games i will say that forza`s handling model is far more satisfying than GT5`s. the track/background scenery looks sweet, thats a bonus.

I love how GT fanboys insist that Forza is an arcade game, when its handling model is more detailed than gt`s. this is a most untrue stament and funnily it always comes from GT fanboys who refuse to move on. GT is no longer top of the food chain. get over it

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