GameInsider: E3 2011: Micheal Phelps: Push The Limit Hands-On Impression

With some of the greatest athletes of all-time represented in a number of different sports which have also been represented in countless video games, it is only fitting that the greatest Olympic swimmer of our time, Michael Phelps be given his own video game. Today 505 Games gave us an in-depth look at their upcoming title, Michael Phelps: Push The Limit which is certain to offer a robust list of features and competitive modes certainly adding to the amount of time your Kinect peripheral will be utilized.

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cheetorb2745d ago

Wow, this will be awesome on Kinect! Laying on the floor, kicking and paddling! Maybe I can race four of my friends at a time!! Maybe they'll make an Ecco the Dolphin game one day where I can swim like a dolphin on the carpet too! That will be awesome!

Carnage2741d ago

How is this going to work? Seriously Microsoft? This should have a drunk gamers tab cause anyone sober is going to feel like an idiot wither they be standing up, sitting down, or on the floor.

Plus swimming pools are so accessible....why? What the hell?