Gamer's Corner: November Pain, Marriage Wrecking Release Schedules.

Gamer's Corner takes a look at the busy November period this year with six blockbusters releasing in three weeks; "Bored in July and broke in November could easily be a new mantra for the games industry. Of course, compressed pre Christmas release schedules are nothing new, it's been an issue for as long as anyone can remember. However, there is a three week period later in 2011 that looks particularly brutal."

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TheLastGuardian20102743d ago

They missed other games as well....

MasterD9192743d ago

There was plenty of room in early August, September and even October...These November dates are going to be hell on my wallet.

terrordactyl2743d ago

Just glad Mass Effect 3 got put back to's already a wallet killer. Bored in July and August and overwhelemed in November. Pity they can't spread the load

TheLastGuardian20102743d ago


July we have;

Call of Jaurez: The Cartlel

El Shaddi

Asuras Wrath


Then in august we have;

Warhammer: 40K

Madden 12

Deus Ex: Human Rev.

No month, is an easy least to me it's not :/

terrordactyl2742d ago

None of those games interest me that much, possibly Warhammer or Deus Ex. But they're more likely to be rentals than purchases for me.