Nintendo Press Conference Report Card

GameSpot: As Wii sales continue to shrink month to month and software support slows to barely a trickle, Nintendo knows it needed to make its move on a new platform that would replace the Wii. How it would go about doing that while replicating the Wii's success was anyone's guess, but expectations for a new console announcement were high. After all, Nintendo changed the face of console gaming (for better or worse, depending on your perspective), bringing more people into the fold who don't necessarily read video game Web sites or dissect every screenshot for the slightest bit of information. How do you keep that momentum going and simultaneously recapture an audience that might have been turned off from what the Wii primarily offered?

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SpaceSquirrel2745d ago

I'm disappointed they didn't announced Last Story or Xenoblades.

AWBrawler2745d ago

likewise... also Earth seeker

StarCSR2745d ago

Same for me.
I'm in total awe of the Wii-U and 3DS. But I'd really have liked those announcements!

Jdoki2745d ago

The more I think about the Nintendo event the more I think they 'pulled a Sony'.

It appears that the Colonial Marines footage was from one of the other versions, and the title hasn't even been confirmed by Gearbox for the Wii U.

I get the feeling it was the same for most of the other third party games they showed. I'm not suggesting the footage was completely bogus, but it seems to me all we actually saw was a new peripheral.

I still think Nintendo 'won' E3 as they showed a line up of games for Wii U (that if true) are quite exciting.

The Wii was a bit of a failure for me. Bought it Day 1, but it's been gathering dust for a long time. The line up for Wii U already looks much more interesting. What this E3 has really shown me is that Microsoft no longer have any relevance to MY gaming. I've always owned all the consoles (and a PC) every gen. But I think a Wii U plus PS3 plus PC covers all bases.

StarCSR2745d ago

I agree on almost everything.
But I don't think we can consider Colonial Marines as "not confirmed". Since I'm pretty sure Nintendo would never show a game that hasn't been confirmed.

Jdoki2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

That's what I thought too.

But I think the following statement from Sega and Randy Pitchford has created some ambiguity and vagueness. What it seems to confirm is that the game is definitely being prototyped, and definitely being considered for full development, and definitely would be a good fit for Wii U - but no one has said it's definitely in development!! Bit strange I guess.

"LOS ANGELES (June 7, 2011) – SEGA® of America, Inc., SEGA® Europe Ltd. and Gearbox Software today revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines™, is being prototyped and considered for the Nintendo Wii U™. In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and developed by critically acclaimed studio Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines for this new gaming console is currently under construction by a dedicated research and development branch within the studio.
“We are extremely thrilled about the potential of the Nintendo Wii U and are honored to be a part of the earliest efforts for research and development on the platform with the Aliens: Colonial Marines project that is so perfectly matched with the platform’s unique and exciting new capabilities,” said Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software. “As more details about the Nintendo Wii U emerge, Gearbox Software is equipped and motivated to engage and support the platform and its customers.”"

Sugreev20012745d ago

I give it a D
WiiU isn't out until next year,and they're peddling the same ol' franchises with the 3DS.Third-party games will be multiplatform,so it doesn't have an edge there either.

InTheLab2744d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Nintendo actually demo any games live? I could have sworn everything was a video.

How do you give a company such a high score for showing videos and montages with no live gameplay? No price or launch date, and they didn't even show us the actual console.

Jdoki2744d ago

I agree, there was little proper footage.

But I think Nintendo deserved high marks because of the intent they showed.

It was clear to me that they have learned a lot from the Wii in terms of pleasing the hardcore and the casual market. I hope they follow through with this intent.

As a long time Nintendo fan, I was getting ready to write them off based on the Wii as it lacked titles I wanted to play. But the Wii U already looks like it will cater to a much wider audience.

InTheLab2744d ago

I'm not trying to downplay the Wii U but the conference itself was just terrible. We all learned about how awesome the console could be after the fact, and that's how I judged their E3 presser.

This year's Nintendo E3 was like a preview of next year's E3

Jdoki2744d ago

"This year's Nintendo E3 was like a preview of next year's E3"

Lol, that's a good point.