E3 2011: PlayStation Vita Accessories Uncovered

IGN: "Here at E3, the PlayStation Vita is everywhere. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but it's certainly all over Sony's booths. Tucked away in the area where Sony is showing private demos is a clear case packing all sorts of PlayStation Vita goodies."

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Joni-Ice2751d ago

Yes, I seen the 32gig memory card.

Lavitz20122751d ago

Will the games all be digital or will they use something different than the psp umd??

Joni-Ice2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

They will use those cards that are in the game case. Those are the prototype card for the games. The smaller ones are the memory cards.

tdogg060519912750d ago

Just imagine how much data the large game cards will be.

Joni-Ice2750d ago

The physical size of the card has nothings to do with the amount of gigabits. Well if you look at the picture that shows Memory Cards, they show 4g, 8g, 16g, and 32g all small cards. If you look at the picture that shows Card Case, it has 8 larger cards which are prototypes of the games and two spots for the small memory cards. The cards used for the games was said to be around 4-6 gigs.

CynicalVision2750d ago

The Vitas game medium will be around 4/8GB, compared to 1.8GB of the UMD.

Just_The_Truth2751d ago

hell yeah 32g is awesome what would really be awesome is if they made a solar charging case.