E3 2011: Skyrim Plays Better than Oblivion

When Oblivion was released on the Xbox 360 and PC five years ago, it was one of the best games ever released. However it fell short in the presentation department due to its poor loading times and frame rate. Today, Bethesda showed Skyrim to us behind close doors and, let me tell you, it plays a lot better than Oblivion in many ways.

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ShadyDevil2625d ago

Looking forward to Skyrim a lot. The whole dynamic dragon thing is sweet too.

SilverSlug2625d ago

... a sequel playing better than the last game? Unheard of.

Also I didn't think Oblivion's gameplay was all that. I always wanted a better melee system.

dktxx22625d ago

It was better than Morrowind's. By far.

RedDead2625d ago

Action RPG > Chance/percentage RPG

is why. Oblvion was pretty bad for an Action RPG though. Skyrim looks great though

Bolts2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

I certainly hope so.

But the combat is still very same-ie. There's no weight to anything, mobs jump at the screen to be wacked aside like they're rag dolls filled with air.

When blows do connect, the enemy on screen doesn't response to them. There isn't enough of a visceral feel to it, and melee combat still feels like your disembodied hand is hacking away at a hit points box until it drops dead.

Jdoki2624d ago

Skyrim should be judged against Morrowind, not Oblivion.

I put a lot of hours in to Oblivion, but it was a shadow compared to Morrowind.

kasser2624d ago

This article is talking about the gameplay tech such as combat mechanism, how the controls are, how stable & smooth the gameplay run is. And Oblivion was huge improvement in these stuff over Morrowind.

Now for the story, environment style, game progression, these are more of "acquired tastes" and some fans may never be satisfied with any newer sequel.

so people, stop bringing in morrowind comparisons.

Frak2624d ago


Cerberus292624d ago

Yeah, I'm really excited for Skyrim, but this article is really pointless.

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