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"inFAMOUS 2 is focused without being linear and wild without ever coming completely unhinged. It has all the exhilarating derring-do of Saturday morning do-gooders but with the wickedly wry smile of those who stay home on Sunday to watch Saturday’s fare all over again." -Jesse Costantino, Game Revolution

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KingofGambling2748d ago

great score for a great game

videoxgamexfanboy2748d ago

So far i like it. Im only a couple hrs in but its already more fun than the first game. Im gunna try being a good guy this time

ElementX2748d ago

I'm enjoying it so far but Cole runs way too fast and grabs onto every ledge when I'm trying to land on the ground.

sorceror1712747d ago

Hold circle on the way down.

I only got a few hours last night, but it was a great time. Lots of little touches, just polished everywhere.

And now we've got houseguests coming for a few days, so I won't get any time with it! Gaaah!

TheLastGuardian20102748d ago

That score is good. Good, good, now you guarantee yourself that you won't get hate mail from Sony fanboys...good, good.

kikizoo2747d ago

But you can't guarantee zero stupid comment from xbox fanboyz, too bad :)

dbjj120882748d ago

Looks good, can't to play after E3

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