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A while back, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was once again pushed back. Now we know why; Kinect integration. That's right, as the box says, better with Kinect Sensor. So what does this mean? Well, during the live demo at E3, Ubisoft showed everyone the Gunsmith feature. In GRFS you can customize weapons to a ridiculous level of detail.

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Dart892747d ago

October 1 i thought it was delayed till early next year??

femshep2747d ago

so was the team ico collection but thats coming out this year as not gonna complain i want them both expecially after seeing what they did with ghost recon

Bolts2747d ago

Watched the preview on G4, looks like another game with average graphics and subpar textures. Nothing I haven't seen already in the last three years. At least it's free?

Bolts2747d ago

I was thinking about this which actually looks decent LOL. In which case this Future Solider game looks worst than shit, $60 for that? No, hell no. Did anyone catch the typical Unreal engine texture pop in and out during the G4 preview? Good god.

yamzilla2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago ), this is future soldier and it will be $60, but yes it looks like absolute ass....this was shown only on the consoles though so.... hopefully we see some pc gameplay soon then we can see what the games potential is