Battlefield 3 E3 2011 Multiplayer Demo Off Screen Videos

Check out lengthy Battlefield 3's multiplayer demo off screen videos at E3 2011

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shovelface882748d ago

Despite the people playing to be derps, it looks phenomenal. Can't wait!

SKUD2748d ago

Derps indeed. But lucky derps =(. I wanna haz.

alousow2748d ago

did u guys see BF3 demo vs MW3 demo its totally different OMG mw3 is no where close to BF3 if u dont believe me go rewatch it n pay good attention. From graphics to physics BF3 wins, but idk how the game feel you pick the controller

GamerSciz2747d ago

I watched the demo of MW3 and it was boring until the boat chase. However with BF3, even though a lot of it was just roaming through a vast landscape in a tank...I was never bored considering how it was amazing how good it looked and I was just looking around then the fighting between tanks started happening and I remembered this is BF3.

Tripl3seis2748d ago

day 1 thats all i got to say

blacktiger2748d ago

oh my god, in the second video, around 4:40 the lady is a hardcore gamer!!!! wow!

prashanth_gamer2748d ago

Battlefield has always been a PC franchise,or atleast the majority of the attention has always been towards PC community,some console footage wont hurt so bad DICE/EA :(

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