Gears of War 3 Horde Details Leak Out of E3 Event

Epic Games is holding an event tonight where they’re showing off the new Horde mode in Gears of War 3, and we have all the details of the gameplay changes.

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yepitsme2748d ago

Wow that sounds like it's going to be amazing! Can't wait!

Donski2748d ago

It sounds like people are really impressed with it and having a ton of fun.

EVILDEAD3602748d ago

WOW..They went to Halo Reach levels of adding the kitchen sink into their new Horde..

The original Horde mode was crack..2.0 sounds like it's expanded the experience by leaps and bounds..

Go Epic! Gear 3 FTW!


Active Reload2747d ago

I'm going to laugh if all this is on one disk.

sedington862748d ago

More awesome horde news. Can't wait!

sickpup2748d ago

So its a cross between Age of Empires upgrading meets COD Zombies weapons upgrading...sounds good to me!

DjDATZ2747d ago

Damn this sounds good! :D