Kojima Noncommittal About Metal Gear Solid 5

Andraisang: In an interview appearing in this week's Famitsu, summed up by our usual magazine leak sources, Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura asks if the new game is "5." Kojima responds "What do you mean by 5 (laughs)?".

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Megaton2745d ago

I don't want it. He's said he wants to move on after pretty much every installment, and MGS4 actually gave him a window. It was Snake's swan song. He went back and filled in a gap with another PSP prequel, but that's it, move on to a new IP. MGS4 was a perfect ending to the series' story. Let your underlings make spin-offs like the Raiden game if they want, but I don't think Kojima needs to be/wants to be involved in MGS anymore.


I'm not so against another MGS as you, but I would prefer he to show some love for Zone of the Enders, or maybe practice necromancy on Snathcer/Policenauts franchise.

Killzone3Helghast2744d ago

agreed.. I'd rather them just end it instead of making a bunch of spin offs like that one raiden game.. gives me a bad taste in my mouth and ruins the nastalgia lol

cemelc2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@Megaton so true.

Why do ppl want metal gear 5? snake wont be in it even if he is, he is not the lead, big boss cant be in it. Whos left?? raiden? already has a game.

I like metal gear as much as everyone (big fan of it) but i dont want to see a sequel just for the sake of a sequel.

MikeTyson2745d ago

Either way MGS5 will be gimped, being it will be a multiplat.

Konami has a gun pointed at Kojima's head to release titles for the Xbox3Fixme

sasuke992744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"Konami has a gun pointed at Kojima's head to release titles for the Xbox360"

no one forced him, Kojima-san is the VP of Konami he makes his own decisions now

Jack-Dangerously2745d ago

Big Boss can't be in it? Hmmm... well if he was in MGS 3 I don't see why he couldn't be in another. That really makes no sense to say he couldn't be in it.

Megaton2745d ago

It would have to be another prequel. If you finished MGS4, you'd know why. Kojima has patched in all the gaps as far as I know, so another prequel with Big Boss would be redundant.

Jack-Dangerously2745d ago

Yes, I have played Mgs 4. Obviously it would be a prequel. I agree to an extent. But there is a lot of time in between the events of Peacewalker and Metal Gear. I would only want it if Kojima WANTED to make it.

WitWolfy2745d ago

Time to move on, and if GOD forbid its a new MGS make it a remake of MGS1, or just one of the original Metal Gears. Just to satisfy hardcore fans.

As much as I love Snake as the story stands now. all has been said what there was to say.

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