5 Things the Wii U Should Improve

GameXplain Says: "Nintendo looks like it may have a winner with the Wii U, if the hours-long line at E3 is any indication. And for good reason: there’s a lot to like about the system. It clearly introduces some great ideas, and while Nintendo didn’t exactly show a ton of them in action, we’re sure there are many more Nintendo has in mind that they haven’t even hinted at yet.

With that said, we can’t help but feel the system and controller could have been even better. Yes, we realize it’s early, but we’ve already noticed some shortcomings with our few hours with the system."

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Dash Reindeer2746d ago

Can't believe it only supports 4 people.

jacksonmichael2746d ago

... What? It supports at least five (hide and seek demo).

MintBerryCrunch2746d ago

if you think about it...its basically a high defintion DS...2 screens, similar style of gameplay but BIGGER

jacksonmichael2746d ago

MintBerryyyyyyCrunch! Yeah. Its like a WiiHDS. I just wish it supported Gamecube controllers. That would be the culmination of my wasted time.

Bravo42746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

The name.

Devin93x2746d ago

It truly is horrendous. The name, at least. The Stream sounds waaaaay better.

Bravo42746d ago

I wonder if these 2 disagrees actually like the name "Wii U"?

swishersweets200312746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

how about not do a E3 and show off third party support from using other systems in game.. how about not glorify a f"n controller no one can afford.. how about not talk about the system.. or the online.. how about rehash mario 40 million times.. and milk zelda.. it makes my heart plummet knowing zelda's gettin raped.. a tech demo thats impressive but.. any dork would cum over any zelda Hd.. and this is the same shit they did with the past systems.. welcome to another gimmick you buy and regret. by the time this thing pops off we will have xbox and ps3 new systems that make this look stupid. Thanks nintendo for going FULL RETARD. no one goes full retard.

Shackdaddy8362746d ago

How is Zelda getting milked? It's their 25th anniversary so they are doing something special and the last Zelda that came out was at the beginning of the wii...

TenkoTAiLS2746d ago

Yea, it amuses me that people accuse a 25 year old popular franchise of milking with it's modest amount of games released in that time period. Yet when they announce the 6th Halo game or the 4th Sly game, or if they announced the 6th God of War game it's a god send and awesome beyond anything else after seeing a 2min cgi trailer in some cases. If a game series is popular regardless of platform it will get sequels, and one that's been around for 25 years is bound to have many games to it's name. And as far as staying the same, if it sells, and it isn't broken, and people praise it, why fix what isn't broken. When you take libertys people, especially fans complain. What would fans of God of War say if Kratos was in space, in the future in the next game, all those games have been fundamentally the same but it sells, why change it?

GusBricker2746d ago

What's with Nintendo and not giving us actual thumbsticks?

yamzilla2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

major 3rd party support for core games
a badass 2d/side scrolling 25 hour metroid game at launch
a badass 2d/side scrolling 25 hour castlevania launch title
1080p mandatory for every new game
4x anti aliasing mandatory for every new game

thats it for me, here's my $400 nintendo, come get it

jacksonmichael2746d ago

Do you ever post without saying anti aliasing? Lol.

yamzilla2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

lol.. bubs for u...i hate jaggies with a passion am anti-non-anti-aliasing

when i fire up a pc game, the first thing i do is max the anti aliasing, then, if it is insufficient, i go into nvidia control panel and force it to a higher amount

consoles games need a minimum of 4x

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