Ninja Gaiden 3 - 8 Minutes Off Screen Gameplay Video

Check out 8 minutes of Ninja Gaiden 3 off screen gameplay video

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Skip_Bayless2748d ago

Can't wait to "flying swallow" through this game.

rjdofu2748d ago

I can't help but a little disappointed. So far the gameplay are full of QTE. Cutting sounds nice but no limbs what so ever. The UT now is no longer a long chain of awesome combo, but just a multiple OT combined.

I have no comment about the difficulty though cus most of the gameplay are on tutorial mode.

mysterious_warrior2746d ago

I was at E3...the QTE were just a tutorial for the first level. Once you advance past the first level they are no QTE

rjdofu2746d ago

@mysterious_warrior: yes i recognized it too, after this comment though LOL. Gotta do more research before posting, but my opinion on the UT is unchanged.

Andreas-Sword2747d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3 will be the funnyst and bloodyst Ninja game ever!
day 1

CYCLEGAMER2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

IMO looks the same as the last one so far.

Ninver2748d ago

very brutal gameplay. i like.

Raider692748d ago

Go play NG black and NG2 on the 360 if you to see whats brutal gameplay!!They ruin NG!

RedPawn2748d ago

Beautiful, and the girl reminds me Naomi from MGS, and the old man looks like the corrupt cop with nice shoes in Yakuza 4.

TheMutator2748d ago

errr they turn ninja gaiden into ninja blade

otherZinc2748d ago


This game is a pos! Now we have friggin quick-time events all over an 8minute video. I can only imagine the qte's throughout the entire game, this is terrible!

I'm very angry! Ninja Gaiden was my 2nd favorite franchise since 1976. I'm very disappointed in the new direction of Ninja Gaiden.

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