Battlefield 3 Full Interview With Patrick Bach, Executive Producer At DICE

Full interview with Patrick Bach, Executive Producer at Digital Illusions CE (DICE). Live from EA/DICE Battlefield 3 Expo, E3 2011. Full credit goes to UStream for the interview, extended coverage, and stream.

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Dart892751d ago

Can't wait for this game.So who want's to be the 1st person to give me their dog tags :D???

alousow2751d ago

did u guys see BF3 demo vs MW3 demo its totally different OMG mw3 is no where close to BF3 if u dont believe me go rewatch it n pay good attention. From graphics to physics BF3 wins, but idk how the game feel you pick the controller

SKUD2750d ago

I know its not going to happen but I still want commander mode.

callmedom942750d ago

Really wish it was still in there