Dragon's Crown Originally Planned for Dreamcast

Andriasang: PS Vita and PS3 project started 13 years back after Princess Crown.

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majiebeast2744d ago

Has the odin sphere art style looking good 4 player coop also very nice.

NewMonday2744d ago

It will also have a great story, the developers previous games all had some of the best plots I experienced.

Another game by the developer called Grand Knight History is also set to release for the current PSP

nolifeking2744d ago

That would have been an utter disaster. I remember playing odin sphere and the ps2 could barley handle that, I could only imagine the frame rate drops if this were released in 95.

TheLastGuardian20102744d ago

All hail Ignition for publishing this!


"The game's genre is "multi play belt floor 2D action RPG." I'm not sure what the "floor" is supposed to be, but I believe the "belt" means it's a beat-em-up"

Google Translator fail! LOL

Belt floor more likely than not refers to conveyor belt, more precisely, a moving walkway... In other words... SIDESCROOLER. 2D Sidescroller Action RPG. Not hard to guess by the videos.

VampiricDragon2744d ago

its a jrpg. Thats all I need to know to buy

Inception2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Vanillaware never fail me. I knew i'd skip Princess Crown and Murasama, but Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire are a masterpiece!

I hope more people will play Grand Knight History (PSP) and Dragon's Crown (PSV) ^^

Redempteur2744d ago

why did you skip muramasa ??
vanillaware never fail us , but you sure are failling them.

muramasa deserve to be bought and played ..


Inception2744d ago

Haha, i don't have a Wii and i planned to get one. But after ninty announced Wii U with BC, maybe i will save my money to buy that with Muramasa, Grand Knight History, and Dragon's Crown...all at once. Cause right now i just upgrade my PC and bought Trails in the Sky for my PSP >.<

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