Capcom Unloads Both Barrels with the Expected and the Unexpected at E3

When Capcom told us about its expected game coverage in its booth at E3 last week they dropped the hint that there might be a surprise or two in store for us when the gates finally opened at the show, and the surprise turned out to be playable demo's for their upcoming games Asura's Wrath, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition.

With the previously revealed additional content for Dragon's Dogma, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil Revelations, and Street Fighter X Tekken the Capcom booth is packed with gaming delights and Gaming Update has them covered for you.

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The_Ultimate_Guy2749d ago

Starting to hate the Street Fighter IP. It's like every week a new street fighter game is coming out. How many have been released since the beginning of this gen? 10 I am thinking.

Yi-Long2749d ago

... I actually like it, but the new games haven't really wowed me, apart from perhaps SSF4, which was good, gameplay-wise.

I wish they'd announce an Okami HD and a Powerstone HD for PSN/XBLA.

Redempteur2749d ago

you're figuring that now ???
where were you since street fighter 2 , lol ?

At least now we don't have to buy the enhancement ( if we want ) full price ..

but capcom isn't doing something différent that he did with street 2 , or street 3 ..

in fact everyone now has something he loves ..

ElementX2749d ago

I really don't like the fighting mechanics of the SF games. I prefer more moves and combos.

Lucreto2749d ago

Nothing from Capcom for me for the rest of the year.

I was hoping for Okami HD or a western release for Investigation 2.

sikbeta2749d ago

Excuse me, but I was expecting the new DMC reboot to fail... :P

VampiricDragon2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

ace attorney
breath of fire

Edit: Darkstalkers & Rival Schools

wake me up when capcom gives a shit about its other franchises again

Theres only so much street fighter porting, resident evil I can take.

Dammit give me a megaman rpg. Give me a cell shaded breath of fire.

Give me a f'in hd okami

I want the best

BlackTar1872749d ago

I miss onimusha so much well not so much part#2 but 1 and 3 were great

MitchGE2749d ago

I loved all four Onimusha games on PS2. Each one felt a little different. I've been waiting since last gen for Onimusha 5.

BlackTar1872749d ago

Ohhh damn i forgot about 4 so my order is this


lizard812882749d ago

don't forget Darkstalkers & Rival Schools

BlackTar1872749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Rival schools lol.. I used to rock at that fighting game.

at below Power stone was awesome as well.

I seem to have lost my bubbles and im not quite sure why.

lizard812882749d ago

I can't believe they are not releasing Investigation 2. I guess that series is dying, and the new DMC....looks so bad, its not funny.

I'm starting to not like Capcom. they have been dropping the ball since TvC:UAS for me, by excluding popular characters like Dante and others, just because they felt like it. and yes, thats more or less what they said.


then they complain that their games don't sell.

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