Carmack itching to make Rage 2

Id software may be coming to the end of development on their open(ish) world shooter Rage, but tech-god and Id software co-founder John Carmack is already planning to iterate on the success of their game with Rage 2. Speaking to PC Gamer at the E3 press conference, John explained how happy he was with the shops, exporation and driving in Rage, and how Id plan to iterate on them in Rage 2.

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TheBossMan2659d ago

I hope this means he's got the first on lock now. Because some developers *cough* TREYARCH *cough* just love starting new games when they haven't quite finished their current ones.

fossilfern2659d ago

I know I have been having fun with.... Oh yeah, just release Rage please :D

SuperStrokey11232659d ago

Sounds great, but how about finishing rage 1 first?

T3MPL3TON 2659d ago

Hmm.. That both scares me and and excites me.. make sure Rage is polished to perfection first THEN start working on something new/sequel the worst thing that could happen is.. Rage ends up sucking because Rage 2 has already began.. that would be just plain sad.

Either way I'm very excited for Rage it's looking very good so far.

SuperStrokey11232659d ago

ALso, that video looks distinctly less impressive than i remember it being

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