Gran Turismo 5 v1.10 Brings Minor Tweaks & Bug Fixes

A comprehensive list of what's been added, changed, and fixed in the latest version of GT5.

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zootang2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I'm happy!

lazertroy2747d ago

Get ready to pop your invisible hood in Forza 4 with Kinect LMAO!

El_Colombiano2747d ago

Hey, don't bring that trash in here.

Crazyglues2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I'm sorry but I'm GT5's biggest fan, but I got to call it how I see it and that update was LAME as hell...

This long for a bug fix update / No DLC, No new tracks, No Cars - Really?.. wtf

and I know there will be a million disagree, but if you disagree with this you are an idiot..

the game came out Wednesday 24 November 2010 - if 8 months later you still don't have real DLC, you gotta be kidding me..

I love GT5, I probably play it more then any other game I've owned, but come on -Damage needs serious work, said they would fix in an update... (ok nothing)

Said the would get rid of the jaggies all over the place in photo-mode and in the game.. (ok nothing)

Said they would add more Full Detailed cars and maybe even bring some of the old one's up to date (ok nothing)

Said they would add a garage so you can look at all your cars and take pictures from there and move the cars around and show people... (ok nothing)

even had a huge poll on GTplanet of what would you gamers Most-like to see in an update for GT5 (ok nothing)

Said they would add pause to the replays and rewind so you could get better shots.. (ok nothing)

Update comes out - minor bug fixes - and you think that's amazing? you think that's a good update for 8 months after release Really?


Lou-Cipher2747d ago

I wouldn't call it lame, we got alot of great stuff, but it is dissapointing that there is no new cars/updated cars or new tracks though.

SoapShoes2747d ago

Better AI, parts can be purchased in the setting screens(which eliminates needing to exit the race and go through menus to buy parts) saving precious time, saving championships, character gear customization, etc...

Sounds good to me. New tracks, cars, etc would be nice but that doesn't make this lame... Wtf? How do improvements make something lame? You'll get your wish soon enough.

TBM2747d ago

Well the network was down for 3 wks, how about we all just be patient im sure they must be working on something.

Information Minister2747d ago

You have a point. It's been over 6 months and we still haven't seen any DLC with new cars and tracks, paid or otherwise. That's very strange. I doubt the folks at Polyphony are all in extended vacation since November. Either they are preparing a huge update for GT5, or they have moved on to an entirely new game (GT for PSVita maybe).

It sure would be nice to know what they're up to, because right now it feels like they are barely supporting GT5.

PirateThom2747d ago

You're looking for DLC or an expansion, not a patch.

shikamaroooo2747d ago

Atleast they don't release DLC a week / month after a game it shows that content wasn't cut from the game

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negroguy2747d ago

Big or small updates, I do enjoy the continued support.

F4sterTh4nFTL2747d ago ShowReplies(5)
GoldPS32747d ago

Best sim racer this gen. I need to get back to playing it but I'm busy with Infamous 2 right now.

fooltheman2747d ago

He said SIM racer...Not ARCADE racer

Series_IIa2747d ago

Forza or GT5 are far from being sims. Both have ice cube tyre physics.

mrmancs2747d ago

no graphical updates? shame...

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