Just How Closely Intertwined are EVE and DUST 514?

While the link between EVE and DUST is well established -- the public has known for some time that events in EVE will affect DUST and vice versa -- just how they are linked is still fairly unclear. During a presentation, developers from CCP went into some depth explaining EVE's single-shard server structure

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Pintheshadows2744d ago

From what I have read they are very close indeed. This is a day one buy for me. I loved EVE. CCP are great devs and i've always wanted to be a space merc for hire.

NoOoB1012744d ago

So do online people from eve hire us (the mercs) to help them take something over or destroy?..or maybe raid someones ship?

Pintheshadows2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

You hit the nail on the head. There are corporations, capsuleers ( EVE players )are members and I believe when you start you will be recruited into one of them as effectively a grunt. You will then be either tasked by the EVE player to defend or attack a planetside target. If defending, losing means the EVE player losing valuable resources and costing them and you won't get paid.

I have gathered that so far it is planets only but CCP support like crazy and all add ons are free so I expect at somepoint to see ship assaults and for Dust players to get in the middle of epic grudges over the theft/destruction of an 200,000,000 isk command carrier.

This is all dependent on if the Capsuleer can afford you. I for one aim to be doing some black ops sabotage if someone wants to hire me for that. Cloaked dropship, Silenced rifle, and i'll start to feel like Zaeed.

NoOoB1012744d ago

So what if the Eve player u get assigned on isn't too active? Or will it be like the eve players will put out a notice that they need some mercs for a job and u sign up for the mission. I would love to be a black ops type where everything is done silently and quick haha. Im really looking forward to this game and its concepts.

ATiElite2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Console Gamers are Mercs! ANY PC Gamer can hire you and have you take over a planet for them. So if your stats are good your gonna get top dollar.

But you better do your Homework cause your gonna need supplies and tanks. So your Boss better have the ISK (Eve money) to properly finance your operation.

Also eve is all about back stabbing people. I'm talking Cold War spy games stuff. So a Corp could be sending you into harms way as some kind of dirty trick against another Corp. Just like the Trailer where the ground troop ask for a air strike but instead the PC Gamer does an Orbital strike. So be careful as not to be a "pawn" in a PC Gamer's plan.

But don't think of it as PC Gamers will be messing consolers over. In reality PC Gamers are really gonna NEED the consolers, I can't stress this enough cause Eve is all about making ISK to maintain power and the planets are needed to control parts of Space. Here check out this video as it kind explains the Deception involved in Eve which makes the game so great.

NoOoB1012744d ago

wow. I must say this game looks like it will have a huge amount of depth. This might be a day 1 for me =]
Also u say they hire us but do they just hire one person at a time or do they hire a good amount of players? And does the enemy ur being hired against hire more mercs to fight against us? sorry im asking a lot of questions but im really interested in this game.

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EvilDonkey2744d ago

I still do not get it. Is this for the PS3 only, or the PS3 and the PC?

nolifeking2744d ago

Dust itself is a ps3 exclusive.

EvilDonkey2744d ago

Ah, thanks, too bad. PC could use a FPS/TPSMMO.

Tony P2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

This sounds extremely promising.

I'm very interested to see how deep the experience can go. The focus of both games looks attractive... and it allows PC players to focus on their uniquely PC play style while PS3 players can get into a game whose style is more suited to consoles.

It would be a little more awesome with DUST on PC imo, but hey. It's still damn intriguing.