E3 Press Conference Scorecard: Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo

We take a look back and reflect upon the media briefings held by all three console manufacturers.

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ps921172745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

They were all bad (["IMO"]).

It should be about who failed the least.

To me this just spells out the beginning of the end for this generation.

Shackdaddy8362745d ago

Ya. It wasn't that great. Not a complete letdown. It was great for handhelds. Both the vita and the 3ds have some great stuff coming up.

But ...
MS's conference was basically about kinect again. I liked Gears and Halo 4 looked pretty good.

Sony's was good but all games I wanted to see I already knew about. The Uncharted gameplay was extremely cool though. And I enjoyed the Resistance gameplay.

Nintendo's was very confusing. I liked the 3ds games and the SSB game got me excited. But all their wii games are being shown after the conference instead of during which is kinda annoying for me. I still don't know enough about the wiiu to tell if I like it yet. Plus it was all about their controller and not their system.

All in all, I came out really wanting to buy both a 3ds and a vita which I know I cant because I don't have much money so that kinda pisses me off :/.

MinskyM2745d ago

"I came out really wanting to buy both a 3ds and a vita"

So Nintendo and Sony's conferences succeeded in exactly what they were supposed to do.

It was an epic E3 win for Sony in 2011. Nintendo might have come out on top if they could have gotten their act together instead of the confusing mess they put on at E3.

Microsoft is once again the only E3 failure this year.

smoothdude2745d ago

I think the biggest thing that got me excited was watching the Uncharted game for Vita. I was not planning on getting one, but I might if there is nothing else.

ps921172745d ago

Yeah Sony did well with PS Vita with the exception of the name. The announcement of the price alone was great.

However I hope PS Vita will become something more than PS3 portable.

Shackdaddy8362745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@smooth Ya. It looked better than I expected.

@Minsky Ya, I guess it did mean they succeeded but I didn't "want" to just get excited for those things if that makes sense to say. I wanted to get excited for the console stuff.
IDK how to explain it but I left with an uncomfortable mix of excitement and disappointed.



That's because you probably are mainly a console player.

Nothing wrong with that, although Vita went from a maybe (I still want proper phone capabilities so I don't need to carry 2 mobile devices) to a sure buy (as soon as it have at least 3 games that I really want).

3DS I can't honestly say I'm so excited about. I actually like some of the games they showed better than those in Sony conference, but I can't believe that after all the PSP complains they actually made a handheld with 1 analog nub. I already have a PSP collecting dust because I can't retro adapt to that...

But still, although it was a great conference for portables, I can help but feel it was one of the worst E3s in this gen... It simply lacked what E3 should be about: ANNOUNCING GAMES. Mostly everything showed we already knew or were uninteresting...

Seriously, they have to start testing this stuff before presenting. E3 has a pretty stable audience, try to show stuff this public will like.

No motion crap, no half showing a console, don't lose half an hour speaking of sales and anniversaries, don't play the celebrity card and definetely ask Ubisoft to never bring Mr. Caffeine again.

EVILDEAD3602745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

When it came to presentation this year then it honestly was Nintendo that outclassed the competition. Microsft had a better presentation than Sony..but this is mainly because some of the presenters had horrible stage presence. It looked more like a practice than an actual show.

But as for the 1up definately should give the edge content wise to Nintendo, then Sony, and lastly Microsoft.

And this is because Nintendo essentially rolled out the new hardware and worked a total of 4 console/handhelds into their presentation. Sony worked Vita in and Microsoft only needed to work with known entities such as Kinect and Xbox Live.

At the end of the day,the 'ACTUAL' results of E3 matter more that the the back and forth of the fankids and pundents on the net.

Last year, the critics bashed Micrsoft for it's day later sales skyrocketed and ultimately they had their best year in history.

This year ALL consoles have something to look forward to after the conference.

Micrsoft will have a great holiday with it's Kinect announcements..Gears 3 and Halo HD will dominate at retail. Halo 4 will be a beast next holiday.

Sony clearly has positioned UC3 as it's go to franchise and Vita's great price point was honestly the news of the show. for me personally, I was crazy excited to hear that Shadow HD will drop in is good

Nintendo made me a believer with the new console..but without the difference maker that Motion controls gave it, I'm honestly don't believe it will have the immediate impact on the industry that the Wii had..but we will know next the meantime 3DS looks like it will start to gain some traction with the new games shown..but the sleeper announcement is that Zelda will be here this holiday.

Solid conference for all..but the MEGATONs of the past were not year will be amazing as Nintendo will actually show Wii U's launch games and Micrsoft and Sony will release unveil their new consoles.


slayorofgods2745d ago

I really wish Nintendo listed the wii u specs. I can't say if they won or not without them.

JeffGUNZ2745d ago

@ MinskyM

How was that an Epic E3 win for Sony? Get going. It was a let down by each developer. I have no interest in a vita or any other handheld piece of equiptment. Other than that, it was the same dog and pony show we knew was coming before the confrence. Nothing really stood out. I am growing tired of sequels and want to see some brand new IP's.

I would say Sony had the least letdown.

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Cerberus292745d ago

Meh... I would have given all three B's. Not bad but not great.
I actually agree with what the author says about each one, I just think his "grades" are off.

Maxned2745d ago


"It was an epic E3 win for Sony in 2011"

KingofGambling2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

FUBAR for giving Microsoft a B
no way their conference deserves a B at least a C-

jc485732745d ago

kinect really killed it

Sinkway2745d ago

Before E3: MS don't have enough Kinect games!

After E3: MS showed too much Kinect!

gamingdroid2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Kinect is now entirely integrated into the Xbox 360. Hardcore games are coming out for it, Ghost Recon looks really good and frankly I'm kind of curious about Fruit Ninja. It looks like a fun game on Kinect, can we get Angry Bird as well?

MS could have offered more games for the hardcore, but I think their presentation was largely missed. They really need to beef up on first party support, they have been showing Halo and Fable for far too long. We need new fresh game straight from MS that isn't casual.

Nintendo's unveil was underwhelming. The new console's differentiating factor is a tablet that only works in the vicinity of your console. The controller looks big, unwieldy and uncomfortable. Then there is a lot of questions about price, specs, launch line-up and game footage (yes, I know it is early).

Could have offered more details and more about games I care about, since that is all you offer.

Sony showed relatively solid showing of PS Vita. Price is good, specs looks great and there isn't much to complain there. However, what the fudge did they show Infamous 2 before the game releases? They dragged the presentation on and just showed you a bunch of stuff you knew where coming. Then the PS Move support for Bioshock is neat, but they had nothing to show! I can understand if it was last year, but seriously?

Samus HD2745d ago

Nintendo > Sony > Kinect

mcstorm2745d ago

I thought they all offered something for everyone. For me Nintendo was the best as they were showing what they have to offer with the 3ds and they were core games for it and then dropping a strange looking wiiu controller but just like kinect I can see there being some very interesting games for it and core games at that.

I liked what MS showed off with the new 360 dash and the finger and item scanning will only add to developers bringing out more interesting games for kinect. The games line up too was nice.

Sony showed off some good games uc3 looked amazing even rest3 looked good too but noting new was really shown off for the console it was all about the psv which looks an impressive bit of kit but I think the 3ds will be the winner again in this race because of the games that will be out for it by the time the psv is out and I can also see te price dropping to £150 which makes the psv look very expensive to parents and none core even though it has more to offer in terms of power.

All in all I think all 3 offered something different and all offered enough to keep the core gamers happy until it all happens again next year.

Hozi892745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


This is BS!!! Why does Nintendo get an A- and Sony a B+? In terms of presentation and quality games/products I'd say Sony Took the trophy. Why not? because Nintendo only talked about the same games they always talk about and they barely talked about the wii u itself. This article is clearly written by a Nintendo fanboy.

StarCSR2745d ago

Then it seems that the biggest part of the gaming world is a "Nintendo fanboy"...

Hozi892745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

That's due to most gamers being little kids who love kiddie games Nintendo offers, and the older gamers who never ever get bored of the same games Nintendo has been offering since 1980's.

I have nothing against Nintendo, but their conference only had one thing good and that's the Wii U, but the PS3 is more powerful so I won't be buying that unless Nintendo themselves start making quality titles like Sony dos. otherwise it will just be another xbox with the same third party games.

KonaBro2745d ago

if the biggest part of the gaming world were Nintendo fanboys, then Nintendo wouldn't have to come out with a new console to be "on par" with the PS3/360 because Nintendo fans should have still been buying the Wii correct? Nice try.

StarCSR2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@ the two above this comment:
I'm 30 years old and yes I do love my Nintendo fix. But my game room also houses a Xbox 360 and every one of the three PS-consoles. Stuff like Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, LA Noire, GTA, MGS, Gears, ... also rock my gaming world. So your simple categorizing of gamers is quite wrong.

And the PS3 is more powerful? Where did you get that little piece of "info"? The unofficial comments before E3 and during E3 from withing the industry are claiming otherwise.

And for KonaBro... You just showed how narrowminded most gamers are. Adult people who aren't screaming little teenagers who insult every other console and worship their console can easily be a FANBOY while still admitting what is wrong about a console. Every one of those fanboys like me has a Wii (it has still sold more than the PS3 and 360, and that's not only because of families) and played the Zelda, Mario, Metroid and Kart games. And they've massively enjoyed it. But the Wii failed with 3rd party games. And admitting that doesn't make you "no fanboy". So the decision to release a new console to match and exceed PS3/360 doesn't exclude what i'm saying. Not even the slightest bit.

KonaBro2745d ago

not only are you admitting that you are a fanboy, you are saying that it's fine for Nintendo to put out rehashes of the same games only in HD and somehow that's suppose to make everything ok? No, just stop talking Mr. 30 year old. Your post has spoken volumes.

StarCSR2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Where in godsname did I say that?

And yes I'm a Nintendo fanboy... But an adult one, who knows that you can be a fan and at the same time be objective about ALL consoles. And how do i do that? By effectively OWNING and PLAYING ALL consoles...
That's your problem (and that of many fanboys): They all think every fanboy is like them, bigmouthed, arrogant and completely subjective. They can't grasp that anyone can actually like one company above the others while still seeing what that company does wrong.

No please... Point me to the sentences where I say the things that you are claiming I said. And while you're at it: I'm still waiting for a source on your claim that the Wii-U is less powerful than the PS3. At least my claims have been said by actual game developers...

Hozi892744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Alright....I humbly apologize if you got offended. You feel better now Mr. 30 year old fanboy?

now...about the wii u being less one can say for certain just how powerful it is atm because Nintendo hasn't come clean with all the specs (GPU, etc...)

The games we saw at E3 look like current Gen games for PS3 and 360 but nowhere did it look miles better(in terms of graphics). Lets assume the wii u is more powerful than ps3...the only way it will work out is if developers pump out the system as much as possible. Nintendo needs to create new ips to rival Sony's Uncharted, Infamous, Killzone, Resistance, Etc...and MS Geow, halo, fable, etc....

Now if Nintendo release some exlusives that blow the current gen games outta the water...that wouldn't be for another few years when devs get used to programing and creating for this system. by that time (2013-14) expect to see PS4 and Xbox720. Both of which, I am sure will bypass this wii u in terms of visuals and graphics.

so all in all this wii u, while it's seems as if it's deja vu. like when Sega released Dreamcast and Sony destroyed them with PS2 shortly after.

P.S.-It seems to me that the wii u controller is what is driving this new system. But, while it does promise some cool things. Why doesn't Nintendo focus of building on top of what they already have? they've already got the 3ds...why create something that would take people's interest away from 3ds? if I can stream all wii u games in my wii u controller then would I really want to play my 3ds, especially since the screen is much smaller?

Sony's PSVita is being developed to go hand in hand with ps3 and I assume ps4. Everything about the PSV compliments the Ps3. Did nintendo say how much that controller is gonna cost?

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