140° ME3 N7 Collector’s Edition Announced

Man, it feels just like yesterday when Mass Effect 3 was announced…WHAT A MINUTE! It was yesterday! Nevertheless, the N7 Collector’s Edition has been announced for the new addition of the ever-growing hit from BioWare dubbed “Mass Effect 3”.

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RockmanII72746d ago

Robotic Dog – A faithful sidekick to keep you company on board the Normandy.

Now I'm interested, that sounds awesome having a pet that won't die... stupid fish.

DeFFeR2746d ago

The game wasn't announced yesterday. Just to clear that up.

I love collectors editions that have art books, or posters, or other collectibles (go figure) but they know that people will pay a premium for IN GAME stuff, that the collectible stuff has started sucking as of late, and the in game drivel isn't worth the extra $$...

This CE looks decent, but not excellent. I'll wait to see more detailed versions of the CE stuff to make up my mind.

Nate-Dog2746d ago

Same, it's not really my thing so far from what I've seen. I found the Mass Effect LE (well it's called "Limited Collectors Edition" on the box) a while ago and love it. Big metal box, a whole extra disk about the making of ME and all sorts, the galactic Codex and art book and it wasn't even that expensive. ME2 CE seemed a bit too focused on in-game content and really didn't seem that great, this again is ok but it doesn't really add that much. Not yet at least.

femshep2746d ago

thats pretty bad it comes with nothing but in game items and art book and sound track

common bioware you already streamlined mass effec 2 and 3 way to much give us a model of the normady is that to much to ask for

SUPER-ECO-CLEAN2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

The only thing that I don't like with ME3 is that they scrapped the galaxy map, the game is entirely on earth and it's now a linear 3rd person shooter but I will be getting it anyway.

GameZenith2746d ago

Where was it confirmed that the galaxy map has been scrapped?


Well if you can't travel anymore and the game is all on earth I don't see why the galaxy map would still be there, its all logic.

GameZenith2746d ago

Again, where was it confirmed that you can't travel?

Jack-Pyro2746d ago

Uhhhhh....No....You still travel....a'll be visiting the Turian Homeworld as well as the old Quarian Homeworld thats now infected by Geth.....Where in gods name did you read it was gonna be soley on Earth?

SageHonor2746d ago

The game is not entirely on earth you dumb idiot.. Planets that are CONFIRMED are Tuchanka, Citadel, Salarian Homeworld, Asari homeworld, Turian homeworld, quarian home world, earth, Illium and more... The exploration is said to be similar to the first game

Nate-Dog2746d ago

If you watched the E3 demo that was shown at the Microsoft conference you would have seen that of the short gameplay we saw (and dialogue) we were on a different planet.

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DarkBlood2746d ago

a metal case with awsome stuff? SOLD DAY ONE

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