Nintendo Wii U demo games shown today were actually Xbox 360 and PS3 versions

TIML - In a bizarre twist to an otherwise exciting news day, during an interview today just following Nintendo’s showing of its new Wii U system and games, company honcho Reggie Fils-Amie told GameTrailers that the sizzle reel of games shown today were not actually from the Wii U. Instead, when asked if they were from PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Reggie replied “Absolutely, because we’re talking a year away from when the console will launch.”

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Vip3r2748d ago

Disappoint Nintendo, disappoint.

SuperLupe2748d ago

The console is set to launch fall 2012 so this isnt surprising or dissapointing at all.

THunt2748d ago

It has nothing to do with when the console is releasing.

It is yet another completely avoidable blunder made by Nintendo.

Vip3r2748d ago

It's gonna be the Wii all over again. The PS4 and Xbx 720 will have far and away better graphics than the Wii U will have.

SuperLupe2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Dude they freaking showed FIFA 12 that is coming out in September of this year when the Wii U is coming out more than year really think they were trying to make us believe that it was actually running on the Wii U ? Its incredible, I cant be the only one who understood that they were simply portraying what is to be expected on their console and not actual Wii U games running on the console.

sikbeta2748d ago

Yep, I read that sonwhere, it was the CEO I think...

iforgotmylogin2748d ago

@Vip3r at the current rate this gen is the best it gets in terms of graphics unless some company dumps 100's of millions to get hardware to support dx11, superior lighting , facial movements and realistic environments. and a crack team of publishers that will max out the system but that hasnt happened yet and i dont see it happening anytime soon.

to me next gen is Crysis 3 which will be crysis 2 * 8 and need such hardware to run it that you will have to take out a small loan to pay for it.

i wish they made an uncharted 2 bench mark so i could show that my pc can do that too ( my old pc with a dual core and 2x 9800gtx)

SilentNegotiator2748d ago

I can't wait to play Batman Arkham City in late 2012!

They're being quiet about the graphical fidelity because they have nothing to show off and their tech demo was unimpressive. It "supports" 1080p.....'check that box off right there', just like the PS3/360 "support" 1080p.

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DatNJDom812748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

So was that Zelda footage running on PS3? God of Zelda FTW! I'm joking relax fanboys. LOL.

Exactly. The system isn't going to be out for a year. No surprise they would show the PS3 and 360 version of the multiplats.

smilydude132748d ago

Uh, am I the only one that actually finds this reassuring? The games graphics didn't look all that stunning to me so the fact that it's running on ps360 seems great. Means the WiiU may be significantly more powerful than the PS360 instead of merely on the same level.

thehitman2748d ago

It actually means dont buy those games because they are crap to begin with.

sikbeta2748d ago

First of all, it's going to have late ports of games released on PS3 and x360, so it may be more powerful, but when it comes to Multiplats, it's going to have the same version of the others 2, Exclusives, that's where the console can shine...

B1663r2748d ago

No, if it was gonna be significantly more powerful than the ps360 they would have said "the wiiu will be significanty more powerful than the ps360" then they would have provided the bull shots to prove it...

smilydude132748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I wouldn't throw away all hope. At least not yet, B1553r. That Zelda tech demo looked rather impressive to my eyes, and while not completely mind-blowing I hear it runs in 1080p. If that's true I'd suspect it is a significant leap from the ps360 and while obviously the new consoles from sony and microsoft will most likely outclass the WiiU I'm content with something that's at least a step up from this gen.

Also the bird demo was impressive enough, and according to IGN there's another demo floating around that makes that one look like trash. At this point we have no idea what rumors prove true (it being only slightly more powerful than the 360, or it using a 4830 and being significantly more powerful. It looks as though it would be using a fairly high end CPU based off the Power 7 from IBM).

I'm not going to throw away my hopes for the system to be a step up from the current gen just yet.

TheDivine2748d ago

Yea its understandible they wanted to show the core game support it will get from 3rd parties. Its funny that people here were bashing the footage saying it looks worse than ps3 and its not the same version 360 will get its toned down exc when it was the same footage. Proves some people already made up their minds on this. I think the zelda hd clip was EPIC and i will buy a wii u just for a real hd zelda and metroid. I also think this will get better versions of multiplats(if the rumors of its power are true) so nin franchises and great 3rd party games im sold. I really like the controller im hyped. With the 25 gb it looks like MS will have to pump out a new console or get left behind with multiplats(which its living off of except kinect).

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ITA_Mafia_Boy2748d ago

This info was confirmed at an interview at Gametrailers.
It is understandable since the WiiU is still in development but Reggie should have clarified this point to the audience.
This is going to back fire ... just a little.

Kon2748d ago

I have a bad feeling about this.

IAmCornHolio2748d ago

2005's word meme moderator called and wants you to quit using that meme, because it is old and tired. Here have a rick roll in remembrance.

death2smoochie2748d ago

If Reggie was wise after this mishap, he would announce the consoles specs, to reassure gamers it is powerful enough to pay those games etc.
Too many unanswered questions now.

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