E3 2011: Retro Studios Co-Developing Mario Kart 3DS

GameXplain Says: "At their annual roundtable meeting, that is currently going on post show, Nintendo revealed that Retro Studios is co-developing, more specifically designing levels, for the new Mario Kart 3DS. Also Shigero Miyamoto wanted to originally call the game Super Mario Kite in reference to the kites that the karts use in during races."

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tunaks12751d ago

they are co-designing the levels only, think.

newsguy2751d ago

Last time I checked, designing stuff in games is also developing.

tunaks12751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

developing encompasses more then the design, again I think they are co-designing the levels only - based on the info from the round table.

I refuse to believe a talented studio like retro is being wasted on co-designing mario kart levels.