IGN- How Does BioShock Infinite Work With Move?

IGN: "Levine didn't have many details about how it'll work with Sony's move controller at Sony's conference, so we followed up to see if more information was available. "I tried to be as honest as I could up there. I don't exactly know what we're doing yet. I've worked with known film directors who basically were wanting to make a BioShock movie, and their experience with BioShock is watching their son play it. I'm not going to change my game. I'm not going to change the core experience. I almost view this as a port to another platform."

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blumatt2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Good to see more Move-compatible games coming out. Thanks, Sony. The Move has soo many compatible games here lately. You can look at the PS3 shelf at WalMart and like a third of the games are Move-compatible now.

user83971442743d ago

yeah and not including all the games coming up with move support and some with 3D.

Skip_Bayless2743d ago

Bioshock uses L1 alot for spells.


It's on the Navigator controller... I don't get what you meant.

femshep2743d ago

i liked when the guy was talking and he sounded so hesitant cause something good should not be gimped like he said.....and the sony paid him off cause he doesn't like motion controls

Silly Mammo2743d ago

If done right it shouldn't gimp it. KZ3 is a prime example of the Move being used correctly in a FPS.

femshep2743d ago

and the fact i could still used a controller made killzone 3 even more enjoyable

i may own the motion controllers/wii because of select games but i hate that it HAS to be shoved down our throats.....honestly i haven't used any of them since February

ABizzel12743d ago

I say use Move to use plasmids. Load the one you want, and when you want to use it thrust move forward, and use standard Move controls for shooters.

Tony P2743d ago

It won't gimp it, but you get the feeling from Levine that it is absolutely unnecessary for the game.

I'm guessing the decision was taken out of his hands on this one, which sucks. Obviously Infinite doesn't need motion. Yet, it sounds like it's being forced in so Sony can "Move" some units.

maniacmayhem2743d ago

I rather just use a controller, instead of waving my hands around.
Lucky its just an option.

socomnick2743d ago

Move did gimp kz3, because of move 1/3 of kz3 was on rails segments.

ABizzel12743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

You have to understand the Move options isn't there for us (core gamers), it's there for casual gamers who are getting more into gaming.

The more simplistic the controls are the easier they'll be able to get into the game.

I was hoping Move was going to get a price cut, but I guess I was wrong, maybe Leipzig or TGS will bring a price cut.

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