The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's main quest is 30 hours long

Bethesda have been discussing the length of Skyrim at E3 2011. Lead Producer on Skyrim, Craig Lafferty went into detail about how long the upcoming RPG will take for us to complete, giving 30 hours as an approximate length for the main quest. Additional content scattered throughout the world could add hundreds of hours to that total.

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RedDead2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Good, this quest looks better than Oblivion's was...ugh, hated repeating orange dungeons for a mediocre reward in the end...Dragons will be more interesting and rewarding(a shout :P)

evrfighter2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Bethesda solidifies itself as the best rpg developers on the planet is what the title should read.

This is just the icing on the cake. Bethesda showed up at e3. They brought raw gameplay instead of cgi trailers.

zeal0us2746d ago

hopeful Bethesda paid attention to some of the mods made for oblivion.

I don't want to be fighting a level 20 imp who really just got more hp and hit-rate/damage giving.

kesvalk2747d ago

bigger map + lots of fetch quests = longer game

all metroid games are between 1:00 ~ 3:00 hours, and most of them give a very good gaming experience

the quality of a game should not be measured on how long the game is...

Son_Lee2747d ago

Agreed. But this actually looks. Most games being $60 and the economy so bad, games need to be longer to justify their price tag. Either that or be really replayable.

kesvalk2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

i go with replayable, sometime devs will just put a lot of bullshit on the middle of the history just to make the game longer, this detract of the experience...

it's like in assassins brotherhood, i feel like a office-boy on that game, it's the most strange quests a assassin can take...

in the next game you will need to save a cat or something...

femshep2747d ago

have you not played an elder scrolls before.,.....the story dosn't matter its all about the don't touch 90% of the map if you just play the sotry....the more you explore the more you find, all the guilds have there own story to them and there is tons of side quests that if you want the best items you need to go out and explore

its not like metorid where you get a 3 hours long story and thats it you get an entire FULL fledged experience based on how you play.....most people that get into rgps like oblivion drop 200 hours into it....and they were saying this has even more EXCELLENT

kesvalk2747d ago

"main quest is 30 hours long"

we're talking about the main quest, not the exploration, and i probably played more elder scrolls games and for a much longer time than you.

they are advertising the main story as if it was a big deal, but, just like you said, it's not.

i am just pointing it out, just like assassins creed, in oblivion and morrowind you feel like a office boy, running from place to place getting item or killing ppl for guys that you barely even know...

limewax2747d ago

And I personally enjoy it on each and every single game you mentioned there, And a lot more than I do on most current games.

Myze2746d ago

I think the fact that Oblivion was so much NOT focused on storyline was one of it's only weaknesses (that and appalling character models =P ). It's the reason The Witcher 2 is a much more appealing style of game to me. However, W2, while also open-world, is a much smaller game. So, if Skyrim can have the same quality level of storyline AND keep it's huge level of exploration (albeit with more interesting dungeon design and side-quest story writing), we could have something very special.

Also, big shout out to them for making some great looking character designs. May even try the game in 3rd person mode, if they still have the option, and be able to do it without throwing up a bit in my mouth. ;)

Rubberlegs2747d ago

All side quests and other side stuff were the best thing about Oblivion and Fallout 3. The main quest line have been the weakest part for both of those games.

That's what they are fixing with Skyrim. Side quests will connect with the main story and can play out different too. Same with characters you meet during side quests, they are all aware whats going in the game world so that it won't feel disjointed from the game.

-Gespenst-2747d ago

Yeah but in the context of an elder scrolls game it's generally a good thing, especially with Skyrim because it looks so badass anyway.

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nopunctuation2747d ago

Skyrim will be incredible.

juggulator2746d ago

I'm gonna find the person that disagreed with you and have little sit-down with them.

Xof2747d ago

Here's hoping it's better written than most Bethesda main-quests.

Though I suppose I should be happy it's longer than 4 hours. If they're to be believed, that is. Remember all that hype about Fallout 3 having hundreds of different endings?

juggulator2746d ago

Fallout3 doesn't but Fallout New Vegas does.

ASSASSYN 36o2747d ago

To make it 30 hours or less you would need to actively ingore tons of events, and side quests. This game is epic.

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