Nintendo confirms Wii U discs will hold 25GB of data

In a wide-ranging interview with Kotaku regarding the new Wii U console, one of Nintendo's chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi, confirmed that the system's proprietary disc format will hold 25 Gigabytes of data.

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zerox5052751d ago

thats VERY! good for a wii

sdtarm2751d ago

haha nintendo always trying to do their own thing, truth is that it has never worked and it means that it wont be able to play blu ray movies, what a let down :/

demonddel2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

why you think nintendo a game company needs a blu-ray player

Max_Dissatisfaction2751d ago

Seems to have worked very well for wii...only console have multiple 20 million selling exclusives this gen...worked out very well

AEtherbane2751d ago

It's a safe assumption the Wii U will have netflix streaming in 1080p HD, so I fail to see why I would also need a blu-ray player.
And Nintendo's strategy has never worked? Haha, look at how many Wii's, DS's have sold -- how much money they've made in comparison to MS and Sony.
I'm happy to see that hardcore games will finally be on a nintendo console, the Wii has been starving for some, have had to stick to my PC for all my fav hardcore games.

Ilikegames762750d ago

Same thing with Wii, it has the DVD drive but couldn't play DVD movies.

fatstarr2750d ago

I own a blueray player and a ps3 and i have yet to buy a blueray dvd

XabiDaChosenOne2750d ago

@AEtherbane Quality wise. Blu ray>>>>>streami ng.

darthv722750d ago

seems they chose a different route. nothing wrong with proprietary so long as it is enough space. basically they revived hddvd for their own use.

ms, you still have a chance at redemption with the next system. hddvd or hvd or ....

blu is for movies and ps3 game. for games only you can use whatever works.

fr0sty2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"It's a safe assumption the Wii U will have netflix streaming in 1080p HD, so I fail to see why I would also need a blu-ray player. "

Well, if you like 9MBPS 1080p vs. 20-30 MBPS 1080p, then yeah. And we're not even beginning to touch on 3D either...

RememberThe3572750d ago

This is great for the new Wii, but lets be real blu-ray is the HD stadard for a reason; it's the best. If your not really into movies or don't care about HD that much then I can see why you would care either way, but for people that are this kind of sucks.

bruddahmanmatt2750d ago

These comments don't really answer everything though. Is 25GB the limit? Even Sony has gone to dual-layer BDs for some of their larger titles. Is 25GB also the standard capacity for a single layer disc, or does Nintendo's proprietary format max out at a lower capacity with only a single layer (i.e. 12.5GB for SL, 25GB for DL etc...)?

RedDead2750d ago

Bruddah, 25 is enough, 50 is not needed, it's a bonus but it is NOT needed at all. Compression techniques ensure that. It also depends on how many AMV's are on the disk. 50GB is so you can get a marginal increase in quality, nothing more. Uncompressed is better, but the Compression today has minimal loss of quality.

NeoBasch2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

You're right, it's not needed. It's not needed if you don't want a nice little selling point when Blu-Ray adoption is skyrocketing. It's not needed if you don't intend to future proof your system with the added focus of 3D assets. It's not needed if you don't want to support 7.1 and above surround sound.

It's not needed if you don't want a 1080p adventure that lasts longer than five hours (entirely dependent on assets, but I'm sure this will be the general rule of thumb). Do you get the point yet? The system isn't future proof. There's a reason everyone's concerned about the system's success.

Let's put things into perspective. God of War III took up 35 GB. It'd be impossible to run without multiple discs. They already compressed the audio, as did Naughty Dog with Uncharted 2. The assets had a max resolution of 720p, and there was only a little over an hour of cutscenes (that used in-game assets mind you, and were prerecorded to make use of background loading: cache). That's a big deal for gamers expecting a little more than current gen performance.

Now, here's the kicker. You could finish both games in under ten hours. How long are Zelda and Mario games again? I can almost guarantee WiiU games will run generally in 720p, unless they want to make use of multiple discs. Just for your information, Heavy Rain came in at anywhere between 25-30 GB, and Killzone 3 over 40 GB. So are we really still going to have this conversation?

Everything about not needing Blu-Ray is completely ridiculous. Microsoft has already suffered and missed out on golden opportunities because of their costly mistake. Nintendo better have a dual layer disc ready or we might be running into some trouble.

By the way, Bruddah, I think the acronym you were looking for was FMV (full motion video), not AMV (usually refers to anime music videos, or animated music videos), which by the way can be debunked because most games over 25 GB use in-game assets already present on disc. It's not some gigantic pre-rendered movie or something. Prerecorded, yes. Pre-rendered? No.

Aarix2750d ago

No offense but i don't want to hath to deal with mandatory installs on a "wii"

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Poopee2750d ago

Well let's take a look at 360 and its 8 or 9 GB and see how far it got... I think this is good enough. Most PS3 games don't use more than 25 anyways.

xTruthx2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Yeah cus we like paying for DLC because it didn't fit on the disc

Voxelman2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

hell a lot of PS3 games are under 10GB, the only games that need more are the ones with hours of FMV or lots of voice acting in multiple languages or in MGS4's case not compressing any of the audio assets. Most PS3 games have a lot of data duplication to cut down on load times as well.

Also as this disc format is probably just a slightly modified blu-ray so as to avoid paying royalties to the Blu-ray association headed by Sony just like the Wii disc was a modified DVD. A firmware update that adds duel layer support in the future isn't out of the question.

mac_sparrow2750d ago

And not compressing the audio means that it doesn't have to be decompressed, saving run cycles that can be used elsewhere.

Thecraft19892751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Duel or single layer ? interesting it dose sound like its more of blu ray version of there own so possibly this only single layer.

8gb flash is really poor though.

Godmars2902751d ago

There was several variations of large capacity discs out there mid HD-DVD/BR war including DVD upgrades. Nintendo just had to pick.

Just means that it wont play regular movie DVDs.

Thecraft19892751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

IF it can play wii games I'm sure be able to play dvd's

Now what is MS going to do ? Two console with double or even quad there storage. Devs can't just ignore this now. 360's future is looking bleak after e3 now this.

DeFFeR Yes it can never heard soft mod works perfectly fine ?

DeFFeR2751d ago

@Thecraft ... the Wii can't play DVD's... so your point is moot.

kesvalk2751d ago

it can, you just need to enable it...

Sano642750d ago

"Just means that it wont play regular movie DVDs."

They never said it cant do that! Bluray players can and the same goes for HD-DVD. Even a moded wii can play DVD movies so keep the lies for another day

Ilikegames762750d ago

So in order to play a DVD movies, you have to mod your Wii. That's lame. Nintendo should have enabled that feature from the start.

sikbeta2750d ago

You guys are not being serious? you don't have to mod your console to play DVDs, don't you? don't rage on me, I'm just asking here...

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Shok2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

When did they confirm 8gb flash memory?

EDIT: Oh, nevermind. I read the article and now I see xD

D2K2751d ago

Not when I can go out and buy a 2 TB external HDD and use that for storage. Had Nintendo not of allowed for you to use your own storage methods, I would agree that 8GB isn't much room Especially for things like map packs for FPS games. But if I can use my own storage methods(which they confirmed that you can)then 8GB of flash is just fine.

Sano642751d ago

The core 360 only has 4 so having double that is not bad at all. Plus you can expand with an external Hard Drive so you whats wrong with that?

NLGSean2750d ago

Yeah... A lot of people are overlooking the fact that the system supports USB Hard Drives... and with 4 USB ports I am happy...

dennisannamant2750d ago

well atleast its not 4gb of flash like 360 arcade

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Shok2751d ago

Great news. That's plenty of room.

jahcure2751d ago

Que Microsoft - "DVD is sufficient"

hiredhelp2750d ago

lol cheap but made me giiggle.

Allowen2751d ago

Would not be cheaper if Nintendo used a blu-ray disc drive instead ?

christheredhead2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

not sure but regardless when does nintendo ever follow the "norm?" they always take their own approach but blu ray or not 25 gigs is plenty of space so thats great news.

overall though im sure they want to try and combat piracy in some small way. im unsure if it will help all that much but at least they are doing something in a sense.

Peaceful_Jelly2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

for taking their own approach is that they lost the lead with the N64 and then they almost went bankruptcy with the GC and had to come up with a new approach to separate itself from the top dogs.

The Wii success was pure luck and it's even more obvious if you been reading the Iwata ask series... But now the Nintendo brand has been restored and they can come up with any fad and it'll succeed just like with Apple products. It became a trend within pop culture.

RememberThe3572750d ago

@Peaceful: I don't know why your getting disagrees but I bubbled you up for telling the truth. Nintendo was in a really bad spot there for a long time, and the Wii really saved their asses. It's success was really good for them as a company not so great for me as a gamer. hopefully this new system will change that cuz it's looking pretty good.

Ilikegames762750d ago

Don't know if cheaper, as you know, the royalty fee could be exorbitant in some way.

hiredhelp2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

sony and few others own blu-ray so no sorry buddy.
unless they ask they get permission but it cost them a small bomb.