Hideo Kojima Praises Battlefield 3

Famed Metal Gear Solid creator appears to be one of DICE’s biggest fans thanks to Battlefield 3.

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Kon2746d ago

They should feel honored for receiving a compliment of god himself.

Nitrowolf22746d ago

He's prob. referring to the East Egg in MGS4

Pintheshadows2746d ago

God is called Wow Kid these days? That won't help the catholics win back any fans.

evrfighter12746d ago

Kojima needs to stop praising other devs and come up with a new IP.

seriously how long is he gonna ride Metal Gear =\

Therealspy032746d ago

how can you not praise it? it's far and away the best looking game in the industry.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

To all the disagrees tell me why all Kojima games underperform in Europe and America and why mostly Asians play Kojima games.

young juice2746d ago Show
awi59512746d ago

And yet its safe for girls to walk outside at night anywhere in the country. The crime rate is a fraction of the us. A us small town has a higher murder rate than all of japan.

badz1492746d ago

average? yeah right! in your dreams!

sikbeta2746d ago

Most Japanese people aren't Buddhist? also there aren't like 100m (more or less) catholic there?

Lich1202746d ago

That would mean roughly 80% of their population is catholic, pretty sure thats not true.

Im not sure how being an atheist makes me a pedophile rapist so Im REALLY not sure how it would make all of Japan that either.

Tuxedo_Mask2746d ago

Actually, he's much more popular in the West. Take a look at this article and see for yourself.

young juice2746d ago

you may be atheist and im fine with that. but atleast if you do ever need a different kindof hope or comfort a religious facility might be rigt around the corner wheras in japan I HEAR there are virtually zero. im just sayin they might just need sum luvin over there. especially after the earthquake disaster.

Legion2746d ago


If anything Shinbutsu Shūgō would prevail when talking about religion in Japan.

But the facts are that though birth certificates are normally the sources for religious affiliation the consensus of Japanese majority do not consider themselves believers in any religion.

Though ceremonial practices are prevelant in Japanese society today it is out of tradition more so then any direct belief in religious affiliation to their actions.

ECM0NEY2746d ago

@young juice

LMFAO dude. I like how you think its only religion SCARING us into being good people. Im not athiest but I think every religion is wrong. I try to be a good person for myself and nobody else. Even if I knew God existed, I would be a good person for myself and not out of fear. Modern religion is crazy scaring people into following what they believe to be true.

Louis_Guzman2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

@FasterthanFailure: MGS series is the best selling stealth series ever, with the majority of the sales in the west. He's universally revered, unlike your peasant ass.

evrfighter12746d ago

^^^he's also the industries biggest one trick pony until he can come up with a new IP.

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Blackpool2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

He was joking about him being a god. Or was he?

Giant_Chibi2746d ago

I guess most people missed the God Kojima easter egg in mgs4

death2smoochie2746d ago

That's quite the honor coming from him

sikbeta2746d ago

Nah, he just don't like COD, so jump into BF :P

-Alpha2746d ago

Even Respawn Entertainment praised it.

It looks freaking awesome.

Pandamobile2746d ago

Why wouldn't they? They're EA Partners.

bigboss9112746d ago

Haha. I was watching footage on Ustream and it showed two guys wearing Respawn dev shirts. I laughed then cried a little inside, knowing that there will never be another awesome Call of duty. Just the Kotick cash grab over and over... Cant wait to see what they are working on!

BubbleSniper2746d ago

the kotick cashgrab has a nice ring to it.

Pintheshadows2746d ago

I include Bubblesniper as well but the Kotick Cash Grab sounds like a dance.

Bolts2746d ago

I find his interest in BF3 to be rather odd since semi-realistic military frag fest isn't his style....unless it involves giant robots and stealth mechanics involving cardboard boxes.

M4I0N32746d ago

well its got some vehicles involved so i guess that could be some form of 'giant robots' LoL :P

sonicsidewinder2746d ago

Well he must've been totally into 2142. :P

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