140 Blockbuster Retailers Closing by Month's End

NoobFeed's Joshua McCaul provides a quick look at the financial situation of Blockbuster Canada while providing information on what locations will be featuring the 50% Off and "2 for 12.98" videogame sales.

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a_bro2748d ago

blockbuster, just sell yourselves to netflix. you're done.

Sitdown2748d ago

Guess you don't know that Dish Network already bought Blockbuster while they were on auction.

Wenis2748d ago

Blockbuster here closed just 2 months ago. I do have netflix, but I used Blockbuster to rent my games. Gamefly is too expensive.

THWIP712748d ago

Why would Netflix want to buy Blockbuster? They are the primary reason Blockbuster has gone under in the first place. Blockbuster's last ditch effort to survive was to try and copy Netflix's business model...which of course failed miserably.

You're right...BB is done...but they also have nothing Netflix would want/need. Netflix can print new DVDs cheaper than they could recycle and relabel the BB ones..which would be the ONLY thing they'd have of any value.

a_bro2748d ago

oh rly? I guess I've must of been living under a rock then

marioPSUC2748d ago

its a shame to see any company having to close down stores. I used to go to blockbuster all the time as a kid.

And now we get more people to add to the list of jobless people it really sucks to see more and more people losing jobs.

Octo12748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Its already started here in Charlottetown PEI last week and friends in Saint John,New Brunswick told me that their Blockbusters are closing as well. They have already started to liquidating their stuff. Bought a few games. Its unfortunate that people are losing their jobs but Blockbuster just for some reason could not keep up with the times and compete with Netflix.

Sitdown2748d ago

Its not a matter of Blockbuster not having been able to keep up with the times and compete...its a matter of Blockbuster refusing to change with the times, and now feeling the effects of being stubborn and not embracing a changing market.

khamvongsa092748d ago

Well this is competition. I find it very good for innovation. Kind of like Charles Darwin theory of natural selection. "Only the ones suited best for the environment live on to reproduce and move forward." Something like that...

Mac is OK2748d ago

There are still 140 Blockbusters?

ECM0NEY2748d ago

I was about to say that. I know of 1 left in the Denver area. It was 2 like a month ago.

Sitdown2748d ago

For anybody with Blockbuster mailers this is your opportunity to potentially get free movies. About a month ago I rented 3 movies before the store closed........once the store finally closed I called the company and told them I was unable to return the movies, but was willing to pay their reduced price for the movies. The girl check with her supervision, came back and told me it was my lucky day, and said I would get the movies for free and they removed them from my list so that the next movies would ship out.

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The story is too old to be commented.