E3 2011: Rise of Nightmares Is Hilarious (IGN)

SEGA wants Rise of Nightmares to be Kinect's first adult game. I'd say it's more like Kinect's first comedy game. This is a horror-themed first-person beat 'em up that uses Microsoft's motion controller to put you in a dungeon full of zombie-like monsters.

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gaden_malak2745d ago

Wow...they kinda tore that one to pieces.

Bigpappy2745d ago

Not really. They said it made you look stupid when you play. But the humor they refer to is intended humor in the game itself. He doesn't thing much of the gameplay persay, but loves the gory humor.

sdtarm2745d ago

"Is Rise of Nightmares going to be good? Probably not. But I do think everyone should check it out when it's released later this year -- it's hilarious. "

kinect cant have serious games without any physical input

Bathyj2745d ago

How is it intended humour?

There was nothing funny in the game, they were laughing at the controls.

The game itself sounds like its trying to be genuinely scary but is just coming off as cumbersome. Not a good sign at all.

Tikicobra2745d ago

I highly doubt this game is intended to be funny.

Kinect is a hindrance. All it does is limit the player.


Admit already, the best fitting game for Kinect so far is Once Upon a Monster...

How many times I had seen my nephews and nieces watching interactive cartoons on Discovery Kids (Dora the Explorer mainly) and fooling the would-be-interactive part of it... Dora goes like "get the stars" or "Swiper, no swiping!" and the kids go "whatever...".

Now I can properly force them to self humiliate with that crap!

(For those who can't take a joke, please hit the disagree button, just spare me the speech, will ya??)

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Tony P2745d ago

This *is* a pretty shitty preview.

Where are the facts?

HOW are the controls awkward?

WHAT makes the game "probably not" good besides the way you look playing it (which I couldn't care less about)?

Facts are needed. Otherwise it just comes off as a "we hate Kinect no matter what it does" kind of article.

gaden_malak2745d ago

It is bad. I've never seen IGN blatantly bash something though.

VampiricDragon2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

the game sounds like another kinect title that didnt live up to the title screenshot they showed at tgs last year

@ below

they promised us a hardcore experience. This is casual humorous arm waving.

THWIP712745d ago

What exactly was there to "live up to" from a single screenshot?? You fail at trolling...go away.

Kon2745d ago

So it won't be on rails?

sickbird2745d ago

cmon its kinect, all kinect games are on rails.

THWIP712745d ago's another Sony fantroll who can't/didn't read. :o

Just_The_Truth2744d ago

no well sorta no it's probably a guided experience though.

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sickbird2745d ago


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