Modern Warfare 3 'Intel Pack' turns up at retailers

A listing for a Modern Warfare 3 Intel Pack has appeared on the websites of GAME and Gamestation, prompting speculation as to what the mysterious SKU could be.

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awi59512747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Man im going to wait for the last second to buy my gtx570 i hope amd launches the 7000 series before that so i can get that 570 for alot cheaper i will not jump the gun this time. Everytime i buy early there is a sale a month later.
Hear that game devs my crappy 3 year old 48701gigs still kick your games asses. Make me upgrade give me a damn reason lets see how low the 580 0r 570 goes in 4 months. Im going single card this time no more upgrading my motherboard,powersource, and ram just to change gpu's. That hurts my pocket.