Forza Motorsport 4 - E3 2011: Multiscreen Gameplay (Cam)

Triple-monitor gaming highlights this racing gameplay.

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360 man2745d ago

i think its safe to say at this point forza 4 looks better than gt5

Boody-Bandit2744d ago

^Coming from a guy that has most likely played neither.

On topic: This is how I will be rocking Forza 4, just like I did Forza 3 and, yes, GT5.

Mustang300C20122745d ago

just like the past 3 games required the same setup.

KeiserSosay47882745d ago

Wow, that draw distance looks AMAZING even off screen!

jerethdagryphon2745d ago

gt5 does the same runs awesome though :) great for pita races

coolbeans2745d ago least gt5 wasn't mentioned in the first post :P.

Max_Dissatisfaction2745d ago

Wow...ok don't wanna tell us what else GT5 does? Like that it has cars too? Oooooooh! Who the F cares what GT5 does? This is about Forza 4, sequel to the highest rated racing game this gen. Most critically acclaimed racing exclusive game in 10 years

jerethdagryphon2745d ago

pray tell where i was saying anything about forza 4 not being good i simply mentioned that this wraparound system was good and that forza having it is a good thing the fact its not unique isnt the point ill be picking up forza when its out anyways

Mustang300C20122745d ago

Forza has had it since the 1st game of the series if you didn't know.

2745d ago
Kon2745d ago

What is wrong with the insane oversteer?

FordGTGuy2745d ago

Most likely the guy isn't used to the wheel and over correcting himself, could also depend on the car itself.

PandaJenkins2745d ago

Actually I think a lot of assists are likely on judging from how the handling looked. Forza 3 def was not like that with all of them off.

IHateYouFanboys2745d ago

maybe the fact that its a high powered RWD ferrari could have something to do with the oversteer?

you do know that it is INCREDIBLY easy to make even a low powered RWD car oversteer, dont you? hell its easy enough to get the rear end of my WRX to start sliding out, and thats AWD.

seems to me like youre just looking for reasons to not like it because youre a sony fanboy.

@jerethdagryphon: Forza has done multiple screen gameplay since LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before GT5 did lol.

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