Pach-Attack - E3 2011: Michael Pachter Video Interview Part II (2/2)

Pachter weighs in on Xbox 360, Kinect and more on All Access Live.

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dktxx22662d ago

This dude thinks nine year olds want to play Sesame street?

Killzone3Helghast2662d ago

My sister was playing GTA3 at the age of 7 lol

B1663r2662d ago

Seems really good humored and honest about how he is wrong all the time.

slutface2662d ago

again....MS cant go wrong in Pachters eyes....he is definitely on the MS payroll

guigsy2662d ago

Not really, his measure is from a business standpoint, while ours is from a gamer's standpoint. People need to understand this.

Kran2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Teehee ;D My question gets read out!!!

But she got my name wrong :(

It was the one about the critisism he seems to get from many gamers.

Its at 6:25