Pach-Attack - E3 2011: Michael Pachter Video Interview Part I (1/2)

Pachter weighs in on Wii U, gets his predictions report card and the big three's conferences assessed on All Access Live.

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BakedGoods2744d ago

Is this guy still relevant?

Agent Smith2744d ago

Was he ever? I can guess too.

Mustang300C20122744d ago

Then get a job getting paid to do it. I won't hate on you if you did. Don't talk sh*t on a website. I don't see why you all bother to here what he says if his guessing is so bad. It clearly states Pachter. I don't take what he says as fact myself. I am sure you can guess as anyone can. Now can you guess getting paid to do it? If so prove it. That doesn't mean get your little sister to pay you 5 cents for any guess.

BakedGoods2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I've heard Patcher say some pretty ridiculous things. The point isn't "OMG PATCHER SUX", it's more of a question about why we feel the need to 'celebrit-ize' someone who clearly does not understand some important nuances of the gaming industry?

Is it because we as gamers feel the guesses of a business man some how legitimizes gaming in the eyes of mainstream media? Or maybe people just like him because he starts flame wars?

Either way, I don't buy it, and as a participant in this industry I have a right to say that.

CraigUK2744d ago

He said microsoft were planning a Great E3.

2744d ago
SpLinT2744d ago

people here are just mad because he gave Ps3 a B and ninty an A