It took Nintendo to redefine gaming. Again.

Nintendo's announcement of the Wii U console is going to change not only the way games are played, but also the way games are developed. Icrontic's editor-in-chief throws his opinion of Nintendo's new console into the mix.

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jizzyjones2748d ago

LOL can't PS3/Vita can do the same thing?

movements2748d ago

Yep, it took Nintendo again. Legends! I can't wait for Wii U! Above - oh all of a sudden IGN are gods>? sigh

EYEamNUMBER12748d ago

nintendo also did the same thing with the GBA and GC it just wasn't as refined as it is now

user8586212748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Big difference is that this console is built around it, with the gba gc connectivity you had to buy both products, this time they are given out of the box

bruddahmanmatt2748d ago

Title should read "Nintendo debuts hardware that Sony will refine within the next few years and support with better software...AGAIN". The Wii was and still is a toy and a gimmick, and while Move is similar in many ways, it's tech has been better implemented as far as enhancing the gaming experience is concerned. As usual, Nintendo showed off some fancy, innovative hardware with little to lackluster software behind it. Me wonders if buyers are stupid enough to fall for the same trick again.

thugbob2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

It took Nintendo again?

Umm 3 things:

1. I guess Kinect didn't redefine gaming?

2. PS4 and Xbox 720 aren't even out yet.

3. The PSV can already do some of the things that the Wii U can and with a update to the PS3 it can very likely do everything the Wii U can do except it wouldn't be a console game and you wouldn't be able to use the PS Move and other PS accessories with it and the PSV would be fully PORTABLE.

dedicatedtogamers2748d ago

This will not redefine gaming.

It's a cool technology but it adds very little to the actual gameplay. And the BIG question that NO ONE wants to ask:

How much per "Wii U" controller? It won't be only $50, I can promise you that. So, what will be the price to play with 4 players on the Wii U? $100 per controller? $150 per controller? And that's not even the cost of the console itself...

-Alpha2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


I fail to see how Move has been any more implemented than Wii, especially with all the hype it had.

Move has been standard with shooters but I'm not seeing any of Move's sophisticated technologies used there.

Tumble used Move well, but other then that as we have seen this E3, the Move is being used for pointless reasons. Nothing I am seeing is significantly exclusive to Move's strengths.

With the Wii Nintendo took a gameplay mechanic and changed it. Much like they did with the DS. It's too bad about all the shovelware. That is my main concern with Wii U. I like that gameplay can be approached differently but like the Wii, I expect tons of quick shovelware while Nintendo themselves are left utilizing the actual tech. Same goes for Sony and Move, I'm not seeing anything by third parties that are impressive.


Yes, that's a good question as well.

EYEamNUMBER12748d ago

its funny to me because ive heard these complaints before

what 2 screens big deal
what motion controls big deal
remember those?
i can actually go on even more

StanSmith2748d ago

You know, i keep seeing the same line about PS Move being better than the Wiimotes as far as accuracy is concerned. I purchased Move on this basis but all i have experienced is Drift issues with the damn thing. It made Killzone, Dead Space and many other games unplayable. I've never experienced the same issue with the Wii yet that is supposed to have inferior tech?! I'm not alone with this either as there are many users on Youtube and The Official PS3 Forums reporting the same issue.

PS Vita looks great and it will be great if it can do what WiiU does but it won't make me buy one. My money is going on the WiiU day one with the Vita getting purchased once a Big library of games are available for it. (providing they're not Console ports that is)

fatstarr2748d ago

I have a good feeling that the wiiu controller will sell for 50-70$ think about it o.o

its only a 6.2 single touch screen cheap
accelerometers and etc cheap by now
a battery
and a camera

this already changed the game because again
now sony ppl go oh psvita we can do this too

think for a second if nintendo dint announce this console today would you as a ps3vita supporter say hay we can do this this and that.

i think the answer is no.

nintendo changed the way you think.

jwk942748d ago

Rumours are saying that you cant buy the controller separately and that's why they're having backwards compatibility with the wii stuff.

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Muletroid2748d ago

ps3/vita is integration between a HOME CONSOLE and a HANDHELD

notice the terms i capitalized

thehitman2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

ya but it can still do mostly the same thing. The controller is a nice idea but... they spent too much time trying to sell the controller instead of what everyone was looking for, which is the system.

user8586212748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Im rather glad nintendo is taking this approach, rather then just be another HD console it provides something more

And I dont want to see developers try to make the most amazing grafixzzz everzzz I would prefer them taking risks and taking advantage of all the new controllers features

Only developer I can think of that would is Hideo Kojima

-Alpha2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I haven't seen anything from Sony saying that they can stream the same content on the PS3 to multiple Vita's

Also, this is part of a console, it's a controller as opposed to you having to separately buy each Vita for a PS3 to get the same result (if they indeed can stream)

Not saying it can't be done, but I haven't heard of it

thugbob2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


I have no idea why people like you don't like when developers try to make the "da b3st grafixzzz evazzz."

I guess people really wouldn't mind if the graphics remained the way it was in the 80's

Arnon2748d ago

Why are people disagreeing with Alpha? He's absolutely right. PSV is not doing anything like this, and in fact, it was only shown to do it with some very ugly dungeon crawler and Little Big Planet.

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Warprincess1162748d ago

Typical IGN. Always praising everyone else except Sony.

VampiricDragon2748d ago

this isnt ign dude. Sony fanboys on the attack

every site is giving this shining feedback

Nitrowolf22748d ago


ignore her, she's stupid

zerox5052748d ago

get back in the kitchen

xCaptainAmazing2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

It's because Sony doesn't do anything right. Well, that's not fair. They do, but it always feels half-baked: Move, the PS3 OS, the PSN, and those are big things to half-ass. Honestly I think the only thing they've taken on full force is 3D, and for better or worse, I commend them for pushing it when nobody else will. Blu-ray was a good call as well.

Let me tell you, when I look at a Wii and a 360, I see video game consoles. When I look at my PS3, I see a blu-ray player that also plays games. Good games, but to me it doesn't really feel complete, you know? Like it's missing some character. Tons of people will disagree, and that's fair, but to me it just seems... it's hard to describe it differently than I already said.

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Green_Ranger2748d ago

A handheld combined with a console vs...a controller? -_-

come_at_me_bro2748d ago

Well, even if the PSV and Wii U have similar functionality, I think that just goes to show that both Sony and Nintendo saw the next logical step in gaming. That's pretty exciting to know two huge companies have a similar vision at the same time, I think. It should be less about competition in the pejorative sense and more about positive competition.

Happythedog2748d ago

Nah, This should fail it's going to be too expensive and dreamcast curse is going to be all over it.............jk lol.

KingDustero2748d ago

It is nice to finally see Nintendo making an HD console. The bad thing about it is that they're SIX years too late.

The Wii U is pretty much on par with the 360 and PS3. It might be a TAD more powerful. This thing is supposed to be a next gen console though. Why is it on PAR with current gen consoles then?

Also why should I buy this to get simple ports of games that will have been released six or so months ago? The fanbase for games like BF3, Batman AS, Ghost Recon, etc are already on the PS3 and 360. There'll be a LOT more players online for these third party games on the two current HD consoles.

I don't believe the Wii U will do any better than the Wii with third party support. It'll get ports of already released games at launch that won't sell well since Nintendo's fanbase doesn't care for them and those who do will already have owned the game for months on the PS3/360.

Thus I see the Wii U failing. It is joining a race that was started six years ago. There is no way it'll be able to catch up.

In the end I see no reason for a hardcore gamer like myself to invest in the Wii U. All the games I want and more will be released on the consoles I already own. There is no reason to buy a new console just to get ports with small gimmicks possibly added to them.

I'm afraid Nintendo is too far behind now to catch up. This console was their one and only chance and they blew it. Sony and M$ will continue to dominate the hardcore gaming market for now on.

Bandrik2748d ago

I too question how well the Wii U will compare to Sony and Microsoft's new consoles in 2-3 years, but that's still a long way out. Saying the console is destined to "fail" seems a little strong.

I think this is the right next step for Nintendo to do. Yes, I full admit that it would have helped Nintendo out quite a bit if it had more power under the hood for the Wii, but think about it. Nintendo thinks long-term. They let the Wii slide a bit for lower prices, and thus a lower entry barrier for younger and older generations. Now that they know and love the Wii, the Wii 2 can now cater for those that are wanting more conventional/contemporary game styles. From a marketing perspective, it's genius.

Besides, honestly where could Nintendo have gone with a console today and still make it affordable? I don't think that would have been in Nintendo's best interests, especially for 2012.

And before anyone starts throwing crap around, I spend the least of my gaming time playing the Wii. It gets perhaps 1% of my total game hours. But I'm hoping Nintendo shakes things up with the U. We'll see.

metsgaming2748d ago

yea but you cant take the Wiiu out of the house.

kikizoo2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Stop this new fanboy'z blog idiotic articles...every day a new one...
"i want my blog to tell people how much tendocrosoftsony is better than the others, because even others sites are biased, they are not as much as i am"

for the delusional below :

"didn't people say the same about the Wii?? Funny how a 'last gen' out sold a 'this gen' console by quite a fair few million!! :D "

yeah cool, your granma and your 4 years brothers bought a wii..but gamers don't use it since decade (not enough games, rare good games, ps2 graphics, etc)

"Nintendo always has to go out on a limb and push it forward. Whether you guys hate Nintendo or not, you gotta give'em props for taking risks."

wow lol..."taking risks" = sony, with $$$ hardware ps3, bluray, more and more studios, new ips (not always the same mario/zelda jokes), and best motion controler avaiolabe !

by the way motion controlers was existing way before nintendo decide to go with "cheapest consoles + motion controler for everyone" because they could'nt fight with graphics and technology with teh others 2 (it was a good idea for shareholders, not a "push forward" or anything good for gamers)

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eagle212748d ago

Wii U is getting excellent feedback.

Aussiegamer2748d ago

What worries me is how much are the replacement controllers going to cost? Say for instance you wear out a button on the controller will it be cheaper to get it fixed or will it be cheaper to get a new controller?! With a screen and everything integrated into the controller I would expect them to be very expensive. I am very curious about it all.

This is no doubt the way they have integrated everything into the controller is fantastic although how ground breaking it is, it still a mystery as are the specs of the apparent "box".

come_at_me_bro2748d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Nintendo has the younger demographic nailed, so I'm sure they know not all of them are responsible enough to handle something fragile. I'm hoping they aren't too expensive or that the warranty is rock solid.

Bandrik2748d ago

A lot of people are pointing out that it will be extremely expensive to buy 3 more of these tablet controllers. But one thing to point out, according to the article I linked, the Wii U only supports ONE of these controllers at a time. Looks like there's a video streaming bottleneck... and if these have 1080p screens, then I can see it as being difficult for any system to have to drive up to 5 1080p displays (TV + 4 controller tablets).

Now, what players 2, 3, and 4 will have to use in multiplayer, I have no idea. I'm guessing non-display controllers (think classic controller pro, etc). We'll see how it all develops.

WesMcLaren2748d ago

Good questions...I guess we'll see

Shok2748d ago

Nintendo always has to go out on a limb and push it forward. Whether you guys hate Nintendo or not, you gotta give'em props for taking risks.

aia122748d ago

they are launching a console in 2012 with only 1.5gb ram and a 2008 gpu(old tech) without usb 3.0 support. that TOTALLY fails as the 720 and ps4 will wipe the floor with it

Shok2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

So basically, you think GRAPHICS pushes gaming

It's all about HOW we play games dude. YEs, graphics are nice but they are a small part of the advancement of videogames.

Also, were the specs ever confirmed? Nope....

jayzablade2748d ago

didn't people say the same about the Wii?? Funny how a 'last gen' out sold a 'this gen' console by quite a fair few million!! :D

aia122748d ago


you have a point and the specs haven't been confirmed :/ im just hatim on nintendo lol sue me

mamotte2748d ago

So, PC's has been wiping the floor with PS3/360 from yeeeeeears ago.

WesMcLaren2748d ago

@jayzablade They're leaving this gen too early, longevity will win out saleswise in the end.

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Laika2748d ago

nintendo isnt the only one. sony has taken many too. with cd tech in psone, pushing dvd with ps2, now bluray and a foreign yet powerful processor with ps3. xbox has has also had nice innovations as well.

Theyellowflash302748d ago

I love how Sony fanboys are bashing this even though there saying PSVita can do the same thing. Sony didn't show many examples other than carrying over the same game files. If you like what sony is doing then you should like what Nintendo is doing. Both systems will have great software for it.

Bandrik2748d ago

A very positive observation. Indeed, both the Wii U and the PS Vita have their own spin on it. And as cool as the Vita is (and I do like it), getting both a Vita AND a PS3 sounds awfully expensive if what you want is a display in your lap and in your entertainment center.

Ultimately, Sony and Nintendo have their own "flavors". Gamers can pick and choose what to make in their entertainment cocktails. If all the game consoles were identical, that would be pretty damn boring.