PC Gamer: Star Wars: The Old Republic preview

PC Gamer get an early look at Star Wars: The Old Republic, with an overview of the game's raid system. The intuitive new UI and careful class teamwork are required as the party launches a quest to close down some shield generators and take down the raid boss, Boris.

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kevnb2750d ago

It keeps looking better.

Bolts2750d ago

What previews like this doesn't show is what Bioware and EA are doing to prevent this game from turning into another souless multimillion dollars theme park.

They're trying so hard to beat WoW that they seem to forget why all the so called WoW killers like Age of Conan, WAR, and even Rift have either failed or failing.

jdktech20102750d ago

Um...just give me a release date...I already know it's gonna be awesome but It can't be awesome if it doesn't come out on the market.....

EvilDonkey2750d ago

I was really disappointed when they first announced SW:tOR. Was sooo looking forward to SW:KotOR.

Then I thought, hell, maybe they will make something really unique and maybe with full loot servers. Oh, that would be cool.

But now, this is not unique at all. I don't care for the art style or the gameplay. To me, it looks like almost all the other "WoW's".

But its not all bad. I thank them for the very cool CGI's they have been giving us. Much better then SW 1-3 combined.