Dragon's Dogma - Elder Scrolls meets Devil May Cry?

Capcom's upcoming action RPG flexed its wings at E3 this year with an impressive trailer, but will Dragon's Dogma add up to more than the sum of its parts? | Raiding Party

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schlanz2746d ago

looks awesome. more like elder scrolls meets demons souls

VampiricDragon2746d ago

this isnt an rpg.

this is more like monster hunter meets some action adventure

venomcarnage892746d ago

I remember already reading that this game was inspired by Monster Hunter and Demon's Souls... so thats the perfect combo for me. I just can't recall if that was straight from the developers or not.

Deadman_Senji2746d ago

Can you make your own character?

Lavalamp2746d ago

I googled it and that's what the previews seem to be saying. Like this one:

zero_cool2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

sounds like a cool concept but i gotta know more first & at least get hold of demo to get a better impression to finalize my decision to purchase this game.

Beastradamus2746d ago

What is it with this gen and Dragons? Don't get me wrong, the trailer peaked my curiosity about the game, but at the same time it seems like developers this gen are really over using Dragons.

trainsinrdr2746d ago

i still never bought demons souls disagree away