100° Can Minecraft turn Kinect around? "If there's one area of gaming which has been flying under the radar as of late, it's Microsoft Kinect. The main purpose of Microsoft's recent presentation at E3 was to rectify this, with the announcement of handfuls of new Kinect titles. The intent of the gaming giant is clear -- to expand the life-span of the Xbox 360 and focus on attracting a wider audience."

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tweet752385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

nope too many people want to play games with traditional controllers and buttons. I am uncomfortable using no controllers even if it is accurate. I really thing kinect is a gimick whose days are numbered.

FredEffinChopin2385d ago

I don't think it'll do too much for Kinect, but I do think it's a great snag for the 360.

vishant1012385d ago

anyone no if ill have to purchase this game again or can i carry my account over because im not paying for this twice

JsonHenry2384d ago

I will only get this game if I DON'T have to use Kinect to play this game.

Convas2385d ago

I honestly doubt that Minecraft 360 is going to be Kinect only. I think it'll be a big feature, but I'm relatively certain it'll be controller enabled as well.

gaden_malak2385d ago

Also cuts away 80% of their user base who do not have Kinect yet.

Mac is OK2385d ago

I don't see how you could walk and fight zombies at the same time with kinect. And it would really suck it you have to do a gesture for every block you have to put down. I mean, I fell like the game needs radical changes to work well with Kinect. And besides, part of the fun of Minecraft is it's ever evolving nature with Notch releasing updates and new features often. Microsoft doesn't allow for constant updates on Xbox Live, so this version could fall behind the PC one, and it's not even being handled by Notch anyway.

newn4gguy2385d ago

Tumble proves that Move is perfect for building...especially in a 3D environment. I love Minecraft, but this is a MASSIVE missed opportunity.

Tommykrem2384d ago

If it's regular Minecraft with Kinect it's not going to work. They need to reinvent the gameplay.