Ars Technica: Hands-on With The Wii U: It's Here, And It's Amazing

Ars Technica writes: "The new controller is comfortable in the hands, with smooth white styling and well-designed ergonomics. The buttons are all where you expect them to be, along with the dual analog sticks. It may look awkward in pictures, but in practice the controller is a joy to hold. I was able to play the demo for New Super Mario Bros. Mii with no problems, and so far the game is simply New Super Mario Bros. in high definition, played on the television or simply on the controller. Both methods look great. In fact, while we didn't find out what type of display is in the controller, we were immediately impressed by it. The image is bright, detailed, and perfect. The 6.2 inch size is perfect for the games we played, while still keeping the size you want from a controller. Very impressive."

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zerox5052747d ago

well honestly i thought it was a piece of crap...