At Least One Good Thing Came Out of the PlayStation Network Attack, An Uncharted Thing

Kotaku: This November's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, will have LAN support. And you can thank the folks who hacked the PlayStation Network for that.

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Kee2662d ago

Haha, LAN.

That underused feature.

tdrules2662d ago

are LAN parties good with consoles?
genuinely intrigued, because apparently all console owners play on sofas with their 52 inch tvs

sinncross2662d ago

This is why I love my 24inch HD monitor: easily transportable for LAN events.

nycredude2662d ago

This is a perfect use for the new sony branded 24 inch 3d monitor bundle with resistance.

xAlmostPro2662d ago

LAN is great fun sometimes although mostly used for tourneys n that.

Maybe this is a hint that uncharted 3 is looking to get into the MP tournament side of things too

Hozi892661d ago

Great news! but I'll never thank those hacking bastards!