Joystiq: Hitman: Absolution Preview: Stealth kills

Joystiq: "Hitman: Absolution looks terrific -- the Glacier 2 engine is a definite improvement, and all of the elements that made the first few games in the series so popular are still in there and polished to boot. Without playing it, we don't know if the game has landed that stealth game goal of making it clear just when you're hidden and when you're not (there were a few points in the demo where the developers clearly used out-of-game knowledge to beat the stealth system), but if Io can solve that particular problem, Hitman: Absolution should be quite a show to see."

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ThichQuangDuck2751d ago

I am hoping this hitman is not a action story adventure. But still retains the stealth elements and stays a difficult game even if it slightly limits the audience. This preview sounded good and hope that he continues to eventually be a hitman in his quest to figure out who burned him. Also would like to see this behind closed doors gameplay