IGN- E3 2011: The Incredible Depth of Luigi's Mansion 2

IGN: "There are quite a lot of major, impressive 3DS games on display here at E3. Kid Icarus Uprising is sensational. Mario Kart rocks. The new Super Mario -- totally solid. But I'm stepping up right now to tell you that Luigi's Mansion 2 blows them all away in the area that may just matter most. 3D.

Now, others will have different opinions. You'll read about how the stereoscopic depth brings the landscapes of Kid Icarus to life, or how Mario Kart's tracks have never looked better. And those things are true. But Luigi's Mansion 2, with its slow pace of exploration, its indoor environments and its comparatively intimate focus, draws you into the 3D experience in a way the faster action games just can't hope to achieve."

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