Drive as a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car in Forza Motorsport 4

DGP: "Reading over Forza 4′s newly launched website reveals that the Kia Cee’d is playable in an E3 show floor demo of the game – don’t forget to exclaim “And across the line!” every time you finish a lap."

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scotchmouth2744d ago

I read the entire article in Clarkson's voice.

Parapraxis2744d ago

Haha awesome.

This is such a novelty, but a great one.
I wonder if you do test drives with the Stig.

scotchmouth2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

If The Stig is in this, this will be the first time I purchase a racing simulator.

skillednutter2744d ago

If we beat the top time will we be featured on Top Gear?

Parapraxis2744d ago

Now THAT would be a great promotion.

BlmThug2744d ago

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is great. Finally i can beat the stigs time of 1.44.4

marioPSUC2744d ago

Thats pretty neat, plus Clarkson as a voice over well shit thats cool

Max_Dissatisfaction2744d ago

Forza is looking like the racing series to beat this generation. Now this is how you truly integrate Top Gear into your game