Wii U: Is it a Next-Gen Winner?

Nintendo surprised us all again this year with Wii U, an innovative hybrid controller. But one thing from the presentation seemed to be missing: the base unit. Jaz Rignall ponders on what Nintendo has planned for Wii U.

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Jack-Dangerously2664d ago

Who knows? And therein lies the problemo. :/

Muletroid2664d ago

considering we don't know jack about it that is impossible to answer

VampiricDragon2664d ago

how the hell would you know?

aside from reassurance?

BiggCMan2664d ago

I would say its more of a proper current gen competitor. It will most likely be behind once the next consoles come around though, but at least they have the HD there.

JsonHenry2664d ago

Is it even next gen? I mean, so far we know it does 1080p, something both consoles and the PC has been able to do for forever.

I guess we will have to wait, as always, to see the games.

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Kamikaze1352664d ago

There's no way to know because it's the only next gen system announced.

doG_beLIEfs2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

It is not next is NOW gen. The Plumber finally caught up to SIX year old hardware. Why they continue to get a free pass is pathetic. No doubt in a year maybe 2 when we see the next Xbox and PS4 THEN we will see what next gen looks like.

Disagree all you want Nintendo fans. It does not make what I said false. What will really be funny is when Nintendo has its big E3 unveiling next year and MS and or Sony come out with REAL next gen consoles.

If I were MS or the words of Picard I would "Make it so"

Kamikaze1352664d ago

I'm not a Nintendo fan in the slightest. Next gen isn't all about graphics; I'm sick of all of these kids and blinded adults swearing that better graphics means next gen - grow up. The current generation are the consoles out right now - the Wii U isn't out. It's coming out next year and it's the Nintendo's next generation console.

Seriously, quit being so arrogant and blinded by graphics.

Btw, if you're going to disagree, at least tell me how a console that's over a year from being released is the current gen? lmao

despair2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

too early to tell, but the tech demo graphics did not impress and they are supposed to showcase the system's prowess. The controller seems kinda "meh" as well but we'll see as it definitely has some possibilities though none really interesting shown by nintendo other than game streaming.

V0LT2664d ago

A tablet with a screen that large and the console to boot. No way this will sell for $200-$250.

ndl15312664d ago

WOW first i see of that and dam its ugly WTF IS THAT ? its official nintendo is going after ipad users

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The story is too old to be commented.