Halo, The Never Ending Series


It makes sense the Microsoft wants to milk the Halo series for all it’s worth. Since the launch of the Xbox, the series has been it’s flagship. Each game a bigger success than the previous, spawning numerous extraneous material such as books and animated movies. It’s not surprise then that Microsoft isn’t welling to let the series die with Reach.

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Kon2747d ago

If the fans want, i don't see why stop it.

dc12747d ago

And that what counts Kon (you need a few more bub).

Boy does it suck when the milk turns sour.
Sometimes a little time can keep the game fresh.

Let's hope that MS/The development group and the writers can keep the franchise fresh.

It's not impossible... just very tough.

news4geeks2747d ago

yeah I've been bubbling up Kon for a while. As others are pointing out, hopefully 343 can keep Halo quality then the more Halos the merrier. If it starts going downhill without Bungie then they just gotta let it die.

captain-obvious2747d ago

halo 5 : you'll never finish the fight

Tony P2747d ago

"If it starts going downhill without Bungie then they just gotta let it die."

They won't as long as people buy them.

As long as it stays fairly decent quality, no complaints here. But when the series is in Fable rail shooter territory, it deserves to be made fun of.

darthv722747d ago

then games can continue to be made. Even with spin offs and such. Look at final fantasy. The name itself is questionable seeing as there has never been a "final". Like kiss and the never ending farewell tour.

Only difference between kiss and halo is the games get better with age.

Sunhammer2747d ago

Anyone else just laugh now when they see a Master Chief image? Lmao, seriously. He doesn't even look cool and is the most overused avatar image of all time.

Hey Halo fans, Master Chief sucks.

Redgehammer2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I think Halo is in the best hands it can be in that are not Bungie's. The talent roster that 343 has assembled is impressive, and add Corrinne Yu as Principal Engine Programmer and the chances of failing are greatly diminished. I want more Chief, my kids want more Chief, so I just can't see more Chief as a bad thing.

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dark-hollow2747d ago

want a milked title??
Call of duty.....

sikbeta2747d ago

Exactly, as long as fans buy the games and there aren't sequels every year, everything is cool...

badz1492747d ago

but there is a Halo every year since 2007!

Halo 3 - 2007
Halo Wars - 2008
Halo ODST - 2009
Halo Reach - 2010
Halo CE Anniversary - 2011
Halo 4 - 2012

in that regards, it's kinda similar with CoD though!

iHEARTboobs2747d ago

I think having a new will help keep Halo from becoming stale. No one likes sour milk.

tmoss7262747d ago

Yeah I mean look at series like Pokemon, Mario, Final Fantasy, etc. Those games have spanned plenty of years

lil Titan2747d ago

there is such a thing as "milk it" the story starts to have stupid unrelated details that you never heard before because it doesnt make any sense. at this point when studios start to do this its because they dont have nothing good to bring out right now. look at epic, what do you think they have to bring out after the gears trilogy is over? because if its anything like bullet storm ill pass

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guigsy2747d ago

As long as the milk tastes good. The fact that it's the beginning of a new trilogy indicates fresh ideas. Already can't wait.

Kelderic2747d ago

Indeed! Thing is, as far out as the chief is, they have a huge range of possibilities. Find the actual source of the flood perhaps? All we know is that it came from outside out galaxy.

Swoon2747d ago

Final Fantasy, the never ending series.

Optical_Matrix2747d ago

Ironically the original was meant to be Square's last game

interrergator2747d ago

call of duty the never ending series

turnerdc2747d ago

Er...if the series remains good then it shouldn't die. Look at Mario and Zelda.

Ve3tro2747d ago

Halo isn't the first franchise, there has been many before it.

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