Sony Addresses PS3 Eye Queries

Some questions regarding the PlayStation 3 Eye have been addressed by Sony with the obvious answer to one questions being "Taking that into account, gamers can't have webcam chats with PC users, since the PlayStation Network is a closed network".

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Ares843888d ago

But I can't do anything with it!! Where are the games?? Aqua Vita, Trials of Topoqnt, and that other monster game. How come Eu got them and we dont??? I don't want Eye of Judgement...well I was thinking aout it but everywhere I go it's sold out and they are telling me that they wont get anymore. So what should I do with the Eye???

kspraydad3888d ago

you bought the Eye with FULL KNOWLEDGE about what games were currently available and now you are complaining?

You've had it for less than 2 weeks...return it if you don't like waiting.

Ares843888d ago

I was expecting that we will get those minigames for it that the EU PS store got!! I'm just complaining because there is no reason why the American store should not have it!

I know that there are not much on it now but I wanted to get those other games not the Eye of Judgement.

I will keep it and wait for next week!

Wii60PS3DSPSP3888d ago

Didn't you know that you have to "WAITB3YOND" for ps3 games? lol

Ares843888d ago

But you need an EU credit card to shop from there!! You think I haven't tried???

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crazy250003888d ago

sony needs to ship more.....i couldnt get one either

uuaschbaer3888d ago

The ads on that site may cause braindamage.

xplosneer3888d ago

Oh right, it was a post(the official one)
So why did this make it?