E3 2011 Hands-On: Mario Kart 3DS by gamrReview

gamrReview: "The latest version of Mario Kart soars to new heights."

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Kantor2667d ago

This could end up being one of the year's best 3DS titles, it seems.

Spectator12667d ago

Noooooooo, Super Mario >>> this!

khuutra2667d ago

Man, you'd think I would get sick of buying Mario Kart after twenty years. But I'm not.

bmw692667d ago

Mario Kart has always been my favourite racing series so I'm hyped for this one!

Seece2667d ago

Should sell gazillions like the DS one

naznatips2667d ago

Big for the 3DS's holiday sales.

bmw692667d ago

Much-needed and looks awesome

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