GamingOgre: inFAMOUS 2 review

GamingOgre: Karmic warrior Cole MacGrath returns to the streets of Empire City in this electrified sequel to Sucker Punch's 2009 instant classic inFAMOUS, but will this super charged super hero ignite a spark of excitement, or will he just blow a fuse? To find out, read our full review!

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jack_burt0n2745d ago

quality of the game is incredible.

clank5432745d ago

Yeah, I just took down a helicopter by throwing a car at it (btw, it was awesome). Thank god I have work tonight or else I would just plow through it in one day it's so good.

Drake_Seraphim2745d ago

Good, an unbiased review. I love this game! Epic all the way.

schlanz2745d ago

This review makes Gamespot's look lolworthy.

Prototype2745d ago

I've ran into a few glitches along the way and I'm really irritated by this at the moment...

Other than that It's a big upgrade from 1 especially when your karma starts 1 level higher at the beginning