Naughty Dog: 'We're Reaching PS3's Limits With Uncharted 3'

NowGamer spoke with Christophe Balestra, co-president of Naughty Dog about how hard Uncharted 3 was pushing the PS3 hardware.

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THC CELL2748d ago

did they not say this last time ? with uncharted 2

Feckles2748d ago

I think they did. But then they made the water effects. Can it get any better than this?

iamnsuperman2748d ago

I swear every developer says this. Naught dog are good and what they have produced looks great but I think they could squeeze more out of the PS3

ABizzel12748d ago

The water blew me away. It was the best I've ever seen, the only complaint was how slow it rolled in, but other than that it was INCREDIBLE.

darthv722748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

guess its time to see what they can do on the wii-u. i kid, i kid

seriously though. as long as there is creative imagination, there will be room to improve. They have not come close to maxing out the ps3 just yet. Uncharted 4 (or whatever their next game will be) will prove that.

I am reminded of past systems where games that came out near the beginning were surpassed by games that came out near the end. It was always the same hardware from beginning to end. They just got better at doing stuff with it.

DatNJDom812748d ago Show
DatNJDom812748d ago Show
WhittO2748d ago

They say this every time lol, most of the devs do.

I think this will be the last full Uncharted game on PS3.
Thinking they will create a new IP for their next game, prob 2-3 years time.

I think we will see the next Uncharted launching the PS4 (not including Vita etc).

metsgaming2747d ago

@ABizzel1, i think the water rolled in perfectly. In reality if a ship filling up that much that quick it would sink very quickly. I think it was perfect it wasnt a slow crawl and it wasnt too quick where you dont even have time to admire it. I think it was perfect.

Tank_Commander_E62747d ago

10 years in tech is a f****** lifetime Sony we need new CHEAP hardware now!

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-Alpha2748d ago

Everybody always says that lol

DigitalAnalog2748d ago

As the games tend to have better tech than the previous one.

I mean, would you complain if someone gave you more money each time he says the amount he gave you previously was his limit?

-End statement

ct032747d ago

Exactly. I mean we know that Uncharted 2 didn't max out the system. It used the highest HD resolution and ran at 60 frames per second. Oh wait.

BeastlyRig2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I think the said that they could do more with ps3..

This is the first time I have heard ND say this!

death2smoochie2748d ago

They said the same exact thing to the letter.
ALL devs say this type of PR this generation.
It's par of the course.

princejb1342748d ago

lol developers have said that for a few exclusives, such as uc2, kz2, kz3, metal gear 4

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2747d ago

nope, they said they were getting closer than ever.

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xtremegamerage2748d ago

Notice how he said, limits of their tech.

Wait till you see the other games coming out.

I thought the ship,water looked fantastic and cannot wait to play it.

I want to see BF3 running on PS3.

-Alpha2748d ago

I think they've shown BF running on PS3 already.

PS3 and PC, I think no Xbox will be shown, if I recall right

young juice2748d ago

the EA guy on a gametrailers interview said all three were shown in the e3 presentation.

EVO-OM3GA2748d ago

Off T: It wasnt LIVE Gameplay the majority of BF3 is still be showcased on PC, game looks good though

On T: I wanna see more on the MP side of UC3, anyone got any links

slavish32748d ago

the EA guy on a gametrailers interview said all three were shown in the e3 presentation. so you are recalling wrong or a fanboy

Nitrowolf22747d ago

Yeah and also that doesn't mean the games can't get better looking. Different art style could supply better graphics. Maybe they have pushed the PS3 all its can handle. That doesn't mean there won't be better looking games from Naughty dog though.

LilDeja932748d ago

Alot of developers say the exact same thing.

No doubt though that this game will look amazing regardless as did Uncharted 2.

RavageX2748d ago

I think we won't see the limit of what the PS3 can do till the very end of it's "life cycle". Honestly I don't see the need for a new system anytime soon seeing as great graphics and such are still quite well capable of being done.

Devs just need to get their acts together.

Pintheshadows2748d ago

Considering the likes of Black on PS2 I totally agree. God know what some people want from graphics. If your that scared build a high end gaming PC and you'll see the upper limits.

Oh noes U3 is the best teh PS3 can do. What a shame. /s

Aarix2747d ago

Hey as long as the gameplay is fun and addicting, I'm completely happy with the current generation of graphics.

WhiteLightning2748d ago

What makes me more amazed is how a Jake and Daxter game will look for the PS3. If they can made Uncharted 3 look this good then a Jak and Daxter game will be amazing.

Jak II and Jak 3 kind of took a GTA path and made an open world map where you can travel to your mission etc. It wasn't the best open world map but still at the time...

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