Bobby Kotick Responds to EA Dig at Call of Duty

In an interview with CNBC, Bobby Kotick responded to John Riccittielo’s claims that Battlefield 3 will knock Call of Duty off its perch. He suggested that if Battlefield 3 is just a PC title, it will be at a major disadvantage to Call of Duty. He also defended the new subscription service that will be available alongside Call of Duty, believing that it would not have a negative impact on the franchise.

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Urmomlol2600d ago

Whoever Kotick's PR handler is did a phenomenal job.


Are you sure this is Kotick? Never had clicked on a video of the guy before... He actually looks and sounds like a pretty cool, decent person... Someone I wouldn't mind have a beer with. Looks nothing like it's cocky photo.

Sure, the devil can't walk around flapping it's tail and sharpening it's horns in public if he expect to fool anyone... But still, the guy is kind of attachable.

Oh wait... Watching the COD Elite talk... Yep, that's him.

Yi-Long2599d ago

... he's not even wearing a disguise.

fei-hung2599d ago

Who is Booby Kotick? He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could have worked for Kotick. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone.

Therealspy032599d ago

i didn't hear them say they'd knock them off their perch. i heard them say that they wanted to "knock em down a peg or 3"

gamingdroid2599d ago

Kotick actually sounds like a lot more honest guy as opposed to Riccittielo who seemes like a douche. Of course I don't know them....

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Dart892600d ago

UMMM am i the only one who wishes that someone would just come and throw him over the balcony:D??.

hiredhelp2600d ago

Na im hiredhelp, but on this occasion ill gladly do it for free.

Kaneda2599d ago

I will throw my shoe at him. if i see him

JeffGUNZ2597d ago

You do realize he is a business man, right? He runs a successful business and runs it really well. I don't mind the guy. If you don't like him for whatever reason, then that's fine, just don't buy his games. But to spew hate on the guy for running his business well is just moronic.

If you were running a business, do you care more about pleasing the masses and earning the most income possible, or pleasing the minority and jeapordize your business? Come on, it's all about money. Being loyal to a small group of "hardcore gamers!" isn't going to pay his bills.

showtimefolks2600d ago

but say what you may he has created a billion dollar franchise. now only if he could get some of his other teams to work their magic and actually show a good game

prototype 2 looks good but knowing that studio somehow they will mess it up.


both of these Ips has a lot of potential if done right

other than that i don't like BF 3 or MW3 this fall for me its rage and resistance 3

Cerberus21252600d ago

He?.you're talking like he was the creative director,you meant to say,he knows how to milk a franchise into billions dollars.

showtimefolks2600d ago

i hate him more than any of you he started this whole FPS every fall to mess up other AAA game sales

and i hope Bf3 outsells MW3 but what's that gonna solve than EA will release a FPS every fall

best thing is keep playing games you like ignore these fps in fall every year

JeffGUNZ2597d ago

@ showtimefolks.

What are you talking about?

He is releasing these games in the fall because that's the most profitiable time to release a game, around holiday shopping time.

So really, why do you hate him? Give me a real reason. He doesn't force you to buy his games. He doesn't mandate you pay extra for online experience. Everything that is added as extra content is charged, and it's OPTIONAL. You don't need to keep buying the new maps to play online, they are OPTIONAL. You don't need to purchase call of duty elite to play online, it's OPTIONAL.

People must be really spoiled to expect extra content for free. You got to the olive garden and purchase a dinner for youself. They offer dessert to you. Do you get mad because it's not free and you have to pay for it? No, you just decline it if you're not interested, because it's optional.

Bobby isn't a bad guy. He is running a business, not a fan club.

zeal0us2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

he need to respond to EA/Dice offering a free service similar to COD:ELITE and what they plan to do about it. Yes I know elite has a free-version but ea giving the same thing that you would get as a premium for COD.

skip to 5:10 to save your time

edit:my bad its(service aka elite vs ea/dice service) mention around 6:25

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